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  • Premier Icon martinhutch

    Where exactly are you staying? How far do you want to go? – should be able to sort out a decent loop from the door.

    Gisburn is nice, and about 25 minutes from Horton, but given the choice, i’d rather look at the natural stuff if the weather is OK.

    Seems a shame to get back in the car and drive for more than an hour to ride in the Lakes.

    Premier Icon kcal

    Stu over in Swaledale should be able to help as well.
    We had a few cracking holidays that way (Bellerby / Leyburn) just used to bikes to get around, on road / off road, great area..

    Premier Icon jaylaz73

    Look at the two dales riding guides , north and south, some great rides from Horton. You can also use the settle carlisle train to get to other rides and to get home after some beer and food.


    I’ve a week away with the wife next week up in the Yorkshire Dales and have persuaded her that my bike can come along.

    We’re staying not too far from Horton-in-Ribblesdale and Hawes so I’ve been looking at some cheeky routes on here and the following website:


    Has anyone ridden these or have recommendations for riding in the area? Gisburn Forest looks a short journey away or is there better natural stuff where I am?

    It’s not a million miles away from the Lakes either so anything better over that way?



    It depends what sort of riding you like. Many of the Dales routes can be a bit underwhelming if you want singletrack and tech. Sometimes big climbs without a great deal of reward on the descent. If you’re not too fussy and just like a straightforward XC ride out, then plenty to go at from H-in-R.
    I would only go to Gisburn if it’s very wet and/or windy, unless you particularly want that sort of stuff.


    We’re staying in a small place called Dent, looks to be in the middle of nowhere, although I’ve just found this route which starts there and looks just the job.


    I usually ride trails centers as there’s nothing natural and decent my way, I’m up for any type of riding though, just getting out on the bike is my aim.


    Most of the Lakes is better* than most of the Dales.
    *open to interpretation

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    That route you’ve linked is a good one (though it doesn’t start in Stainforth!) (and more techy in small sections than a lot of stuff in the Dales), and if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get on it before sections of it bog out for the winter.

    The only bit I’d not bother with is the the bit which heads up the side of Gragareth above Kingsdale – a fair bit of indifferent climbing rewarded with a rubbish descent. The landowner has even blocked one of the gates with huge rocks and barbed wire, just to make it even more appealing.

    The descents to Dent and the one off the shoulder of Whernside towards Ribblehead are the highlights.

    A shorter alternative is to do the section of that route over to Ribblehead, climb up to Cam Head via the Ribble Way? on the opposite side of the valley – the track has been ‘improved’ so it’s a longish but easy climb now, then take the Pennine Bridleway down to Newby Head, on from there and descend via Arten Gill into Dentdale again.

    Loads more further afield. Lakes is not out of the question from there.


    Mrs ChrisE was brought up in Dent and now we live not far away in Austwick.

    Loads of good riding round there.

    Look at Pennine BW round Arten Gill
    Long Lane Selside to Austwick/Clapham
    Craven Wold Dent to Ribblehead
    BW Ribblehead to Twistleton
    Turbury Road UCR Yordas to Masongill
    Dent Occupation Road on a shelf, above Dent village
    Cam Road Ribblehead to Bainbridge
    and many more

    Premier Icon thepurist

    You’re not too far from Sedburgh from where you can do the loop over the Calf, down Bowderdale & back via Ravenstonedale. It’s a bit of a slog up the Calf, and somehow is a bigger ride than the mileage/climbing suggests.


    Thanks guys, some good info there to get stuck in to.

    Cheers Martin for the tips on that Whernside ride in particular.

    Premier Icon martinhutch

    Remember you don’t necessarily need to construct a loop – you can head down towards Horton or Settle or up to Kirkby Stephen and get the train back to Dent station, which is a 10/15 minute ride from the village.


    Thanks those who recommended the natural local riding. I did a quick loop up and around Dent this afternoon and it was fantastic, very different to what I usually ride.

    Took a pretty rocky descent on the way back to Dent which was great fun 🙂

    Big up natural riding! Hopefully check out more of the area later this week.

    Premier Icon MadBillMcMad

    just look at all those bridleways on an OS map of Dent & you will be having wet dreams for the rest of the week.

    Premier Icon Bustaspoke

    Only just seen this thread.There’s loads of stuff where you’re staying,no need to go to the Lakes just get the OS map out!


    Indeed there is, off out exploring again later 🙂

    MadBill – that’s what I’ve been looking on, I took that climb/push out of Dent on the left edge of your link then the descent from the bottom of the map down to High Nun House is cracking!


    Sorry not read all the above.. but a very nice route Dent -> Big Big Hill to Ribblehead -> Scales Moor -> Kingsdale -> BW at High Peak -> Take your pick of decent to Dent.

    I did it a few weeks back and only saw people at Ribblehead, the rest of the route was deserted.

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