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  • Markie

    Well boy was I disappointed upon opening the thread…

    Now that’s a yodel collection!

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Absolutely dreadful service from Yodel.
    Booked through Parcel2go. First time they failed to show, twice.
    Tried them again a fewm months later thinking maybe I was just unlucky…same again.

    How the hell these idiots stay in business I dont know.

    People slate Parcelforce but I’ve used them dozens of times, & not once had an issue.

    Premier Icon Mugboo

    They’ve left my last two parcels (inc some trainers from Jamie, ta:) in the wheelie bin. Wouldn’t be so bad but my address is a Barber Shop and the bloody bin is on the street! Hardly a safe place!!

    Do the maths on the money thats in parcels and you’ll see why the service is crap. Our most profitable van used to get paid about £180/day. Out of that there was roughly £60 fuel, £60 driver – then we had to pay for the van itself, it’s upkeep and holiday and sick pay and whatever other costs reared their ugly head. That was around 10 years ago – it will be a lot worse now.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Wouldn’t be so bad but my address is a Barber Shop and the bloody bin is on the street! Hardly a safe place!!

    Was it something for the weekend?
    Running up and down the stairs should keep you trim.
    Stairs are a great conditioner.


    @Rusty Spanner.

    Cut out the puns please. Otherwise I will report you, and hopefully you will get a permanent ban.

    Premier Icon Rusty Spanner

    Heavy handed that Jamie.

    Not your usual style is it? Bit cutting, tbh.

    Premier Icon bruneep

    Jamie later on today


    I hear he carries less fat that that.


    There are some very barbed comments on this thread.

    Have pity for the poor boy, sounds like he had a close shave with the previous wheelie bin rescues.


    Some Grade 1 abuse going on here, just cut it out

    Mrs Toast

    We had a bit of a dispute with Yodel a few months back – they couldn’t deliver one day as no-one was in, so they left a card. Fair enough. He phoned the number on the card and arranged to pick it up from the depot the next day. Only the next day it wasn’t at the depot. The driver forgot the arrangement, and tried to deliver it again. This time he left with a neighbour. Only he didn’t leave a card telling us that, and couldn’t actually remember which house he’d delivered it to. He also lied through his teeth to the woman in the depot, claiming that he’d tried to phone us, and that a woman had answered and said it would be fine to leave it with a neighbour.

    Suitably annoyed, I did what any self-righteous disgusted of Leamington Spa would do, and took to Twitter. Now I have someone from the Daily Mail asking me to talk to them about my ‘experience’ with Yodel, as they’re doing an article on them. I don’t think my annoyance at Yodel trumps my disgust of the Daily Mail though, so I’ll probably be leaving well alone!


    Well. Day 2 has drawn to a soggy close, and nothing got picked up. Spoke to Yodel on twitter, who seemed very enthusiastic about helping me….albeit after an hour or two, with lots of smiley faces tacked on to every tweet they sent.

    Anyway, after 5hrs elapsing and me sending them my address several times, after the parcel number, reference code and my email were not enough to pin down my order, I got the advice to ring my depot on an 0844 number to arrange re-collection.


    Just going to send the item back via RM/Parcelforce and get Amazon to refund ALL my postage….round about £15 according to the RM Price Finder.

    Premier Icon al2000

    Viz have turned it into a board game (contains rude words..).


    Premier Icon crispo

    We’ve been waiting and waiting. Eventually I got sick of it today.

    Tried to ring the depot, tried 27 times and not a single reply! Drove to it on my lunch break, waiting for 35mins before being told “sorry no one knows what’s happened to it, it’s most likely been taken by someone!”

    Brilliant service!


    Just spoke to Amazon customer service rep Raghu, half man half pasta sauce, and they are getting City Link to pick up on Monday instead.

    If you are a company that needs to be bailed out by City Link, then…well….

    This experience mirrors mine. When they crept up the garden path to silently slip a card through the door, I found that the reference number didn’t work, for 2 days. HIL AR IOUS.

    They left a case of wine round the corner when my work was open, in full view of the high street. Left a card with no name, details or date… I found it the next day.
    I told the company who sent the wine I’d never use them again if they used yodel. They have changed to citylink. (Who are a bit better)

    If we all tell companies who use yodel how shit they are, and that we will buy from someone else, yodel will have to change or go broke.

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