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  • Yeti AS-R/ ASR-SL/ AS-R Carbon help and info please
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    think you may be better on Yetifan for this!

    but yes I think your summation about yeti’s being a bit bigger than santa Cruz is about right – they come up quite long


    Thanks Charlie. Good to know I may well be on the right track with the Yeti geometry even though I am struggling to find info online about these specific frames.

    I had a look on Yetifan but it didn’t look like a very active forum (last post March 3rd in tech Questions)

    Maybe someonne here might know too???


    I have a Yeti ASR-SL Medium and a Santa Cruz Tallboy Large. The Yeti is 23.5″ ETT, Tallboy 24″ ETT. Difference in ride set up is 90mm / 70mm stems both with inline posts. At 5.10, the Yeti is a better fit in all honesty, mainly down to stand over, though both are fine.

    Yeti have an archive section on the site:
    Bottom right of the screen.

    As for no more race full sus frames, it’s probably something to do with 29er hard tail sales.

    I could be parted from mine, complete / frame for the right price. It’s a very nice bike, rides amazingly well but kind of duplicated in my 29er tallboy format. Hence not getting used very often.

    BTW: I much prefer the 120mm fork setting over the 100mm though it rides great in either.

    Medium SC’s are too small for me. Feel great in a small blast, but really too short for anything longer than 35mins or so.

    Come over and try it out if you’re in or around Leeds.

    Premier Icon Leku

    all the old and new manuals are here;

    beaten to it..


    Hi all,

    Essentially I am between sizes on my current Santa Cruz Superlight and am looking for a frame half way between a Medium and Large SC.

    This puts the required effective top tube length needed at around 23.6 inches. I realise that a lot of things influence correct fit and ideal geometry but this is at least a starting point to narrow things down. Yeti appear to have pretty ideal looking eff. TT’s (based on looking at their current line up).

    The frames in the title look to be the ideal fit for the fast 4 inch travel XC race/ marathon frame I am looking for…

    Does anyone know:
    – Geometry for the Yeti frames in the thread title- I am really struggling to find them online.
    – Why Yeti no longer produce an XC race full sus frame?
    – Any reason to not go for the frames mentioned?
    – Where I can buy any of the frames mentioned in a Medium (ebay and here???)?

    Strange thread I know but any help is greatly appreciated!



    Rutland Cycles had the 2012 carbon one for £1300 last week. Looks like the price has increased.—2012—Bike-Sale.html


    Thanks for all of the info Binno.

    Although the difference in eff TT is only about 1cm compared to SC (taking in to account the slightly slacker STA too which would need the saddle slightly further forwards) but I think it is exactly what I am after. A large SC just felt a bit too long whereas I have exceeded the limit of balancing correct fit and handling on the Medium SC.

    Unfortunately I don’t come up Leeds way too often but thank you for the offer. I would be very interested in the frame only option if you decide to part with it any time. If you might consider this then just drop me an email sk8erdj50[at]hotmail[dot]com

    antares- shame Rutland have put the price up again!

    Any other ASR 4 inch frames knocking about new online- besides a complete bike on ebayland I haven’t come up with much.

    Thanks all again!

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