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  • Yeti 575 – any good?
  • bigrich

    I’ve been offered a very very nice deal on an 09 yeti 575, but have not reall come across them before. anyone got one/had one? the reviews on the internet are generally positive, but then they are expensive.


    have o7 model and is excellent. there have been many posts on here about 575s and nothing ever bad said about them. great decenders and excellent climbers. can be built light 25-27lbs easliy or upwards to 30lbs for constant heavey use. Go and test ride one, then buy!

    Premier Icon Daveb575

    I have an 07 model which is the old shape, but the 08/09 is apparently similar but slightly stiffer and slightly slacker. Mine is built up pretty light at around 26 lbs with a 130mm Pace fork, but as scruzer says they can be built up burly with a 160mm fork like a Fox 36. There are plently of places with demo bikes such as Biketreks or Purple Mountain, so go and get a test ride. Don’t worry if it is an 08 model because they are identical apart from some of the colour choices IIRC.

    Premier Icon stufield

    I’m loving mine, I got it in December 08/09 model, not sure which as its only paint jobs that are different as far as I was aware?

    Got it for 1175 for frame, which seems like a bargain now they’re trying to get 1650!!!! for the anodized frame.

    I’ve not weighed it yet as not much point as I’m the weak link here.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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