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  • Premier Icon rugbydick

    I’m currently driving a VW T5 Shuttle (the one with 3 rows of seats).
    I’m looking to change it and do some kind of semi conversion, as I’m trashing the upholstery in the back of the current van.

    Requirements are quite basic:
    – “window van” i.e. sliding doors with windows in (not all the way back though)
    – removable 2nd row of seats (this’ll be my only vehicle, so might need to transport people sometimes)

    All of the Vivaro / Traffic / Primastar vans appear to have bulkheads behind the 2nd row of seats.
    So, what are my choices? Another Transporter?

    Premier Icon dti

    just take the seats out and put blackout film on the glass.

    Premier Icon rickmeister

    what dti said, plus all the plastics, then sell them. Keep the van and convert it.

    Premier Icon rugbydick

    My concern with that is the seat belts, etc that I will be ripping out, leaving the van with little residual value.

    I’d rather get some cash for my van while I can and start from the blank canvas of a bare van.

    So, which vans have removable 2nd row of seats and no bulkhead? Transporter and Vito spring to mind; anyone know of any others?


    Ive got a t4 self semi conversion. Side windows self tinted. Have the 2 seat in the back thats removable. Just left the rear seat belt in situ so can be used still and one is attatched to the seat anyway. Cheaper than selling and buying a new van.


    You can buy a minibus style with three roaws of seats, remove the third row and cover up the windows, or get any van with a bulkhead and have it converted.

    This is my Trafic.

    IMAG0147 by druidh_dubh, on Flickr

    IMAG0149 by druidh_dubh, on Flickr

    It started life as a basic LWB van. I removed the bulkhead and had windows (security film means you can’t see in) and removable seats fitted. The added seats are in a 2+1 configuration and will fit facing either direction. I have them facing the rear when I’m using the van for sleeping in (a camp bed fits in easily alongside a couple of bikes). I’ve insulated and lined it – this cuts down the noise really well and means I don’t get drowned by condensation overnight 🙂

    You could do a similar job to any “bulkhead” van.


    Mercedes Vito Dualiner with one row of seats and panelled rear windows, Vito traveliner with three rows of seats and rear windows or Mercedes Viano with three rows of comfortable leather seats and rear windows.
    All are removable, go for the Extra Long wheel base Viano like I have and you can have four or six all leather captain chairs and the rears can be removed or placed wherever you want on the rear rails. The extra long can carry seven or eight bikes in the back and still seat four!!!!!!

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