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  • boblo

    Homage=copy? Go bonkers, get an Orange Monster….

    Not an ‘homage’
    Not quartz

    Hey ho 🙂


    I would like a nice quality quartz submariner / GMT master ‘homage’ style watch or maybe something like a classic seiko diver (a 2nd hand classic quartz seiko diver is a possibility, but would have to be mint and finding a mint one from a reputable seller is tricky).

    I’ve had a good look round and most of the watches I like the look of are automatics, but I really want a quartz as an automatic doesn’t suit my use. Watch winders are a possibility, but not overly keen on that route. I want quartz really.

    Budget around £300-£500

    As an example of the sort of styles I like….

    Seiko SKX031

    Christopher Ward C60/C61 trident

    Seiko SKX007

    Black or blue face / bezel are both possibilities.

    A couple of quartz watches I have come up with are:

    Wenger battalion III

    Swiss Military Hanowa Flagship

    And while they are both nice watches, neither really ‘hit’ me quite the same as the others. They are a little under desired price point. I don’t have to spend the whole budget, but it is avavilable for a nice quality watch.

    I’m so undecided. Don’t know if there is anything out there that really meets what I want. Wondering if the STW watchistas can come up with any suggestions?


    Hamilton Khaki King Scuba Quartz would be my choice. I have a couple of Hamiltons. The quality is great for the money.


    The solar powered Seiko Diver Chronograph’s seem very popular.



    All good suggestions so far.

    Monster – I do like these but apart from being auto I’m looking for something a just little more ‘dressy’

    Seiko – having tried this on I think it’s a little big for me. Plus as much as I like chrono’s I fancy a change from my current chrono.

    Victorinox and Hamiliton – both contenders, thanks for the suggestions. While a deviation from the sub style markers I quite like the military/aviation feel of the numbering, especially on the Hamilton. Unfortunately both look like they are discontinued models and struggling to find available from reputable sources.


    I can only comment on Christopher Ward as I own one, not the trident as I’ve got a C11 but I’ve handled the C60 and it’s every bit as well built. I have a 12yr old Seamaster and honestly think there’s bog all difference in quality; either the CW watches are a steal or the Omega is over priced – take it either way but chances are my next watch will be another CW, superb!

    Not common either and lots of admiring comments which is nice 8)


    Are you sure you can’t be convinced to go for an automatic? It sounds like you’d like Steinhart. This is the one I have my eye on:,477.html You can buy direct from Germany or from


    I have the Steinhart OVM above. Fantastic watch, great value and the screw links on the bracelet are a great idea. Just ordered a Steinhart Nav B as a gift from my Mrs


    How about?

    Mine cost me £150, but good old Amazon are doing them for less than £70!


    I do like the Steinhart. It’s a shame that the US sister company Debaufre ceased trading as they did a quartz version of the Ocean 1. Shame Steinhart don’t carry it.

    Nice Seiko, but don’t fancy a chrono this time. Typically, there’s a good selection of nice quartz chronos around. I’d be spoilt for choice with a quartz chrono, or an automatic ‘sub’ clone.

    The Orient’s not a bad looker. It’s a shame the discontinued the LUG quartz models, and they are difficult to view/source in the UK.

    Starting to think what I want isn’t currently available in quartz (there’s a few discontinued models I would have liked). Just not sure an auto is for me. Irregular use, pick up and go, accurate. Then there’s the servicing cost 😯


    To close this thread off I thought I’d post what I finally bought after what has been months of deliberation and searching watch sites. And it’s nothing like what I asked for here 🙄 I just couldn’t find a quality quartz sub style watch that really did it for me. Love the look of the Chris Ward and Steinhart subs but automatic is not for me.

    I said I didn’t want a chrono having had one as my last ‘nice’ watch and wanting something a bit different. But I had a liking for a Tissot PRC200 chrono, which doesn’t have the bezzle and is slightly more ‘dressy’ than the more sports/diver style chronos. It was particulalry the older T17 model that I liked rather than the newer T055 model. The T17 has a ‘crisper’ look. Anyway it arrived yesterday and I’m rather chuffed with it, love how the sub dials change colur with viewing angle 8)

    I still wanted to scratch the ‘submariner’ itch, and during my searching around I found the Sekonda 3078, which is not a bad looking sub syle watch. Well it was available on Amazon for £22 delivered. Coouldn’t resist.

    For the price I’m really impressed, the watch is very good for the price. It seems like the biggest compromise on qulaity is the braceletstrap whcih really is quite poor quality. But that’s not a big concern to me as it will be my beater watch for sports/beach/DIY basically anything I don’t like to wear my ‘nice’ watch for and will spend most of it’s time on a Nato or Zulu strap. Hopefully it’ll last as long as my previous Sekonda beater which is still going strong at 10 years old, although looking a bit beaten up now.

    On the original strap:

    On a striped zulu:

    Sorry for the poor quaility phone pics, and thanks for all the suggestions that I ignored and bought something totally different 😉

    Premier Icon jamj1974

    Seems like you made two good choices for what you want to use them for.


    but I really want a quartz as an automatic doesn’t suit my use.

    Just not sure an auto is for me. Irregular use, pick up and go, accurate. Then there’s the servicing cost

    Seiko SPORK:

    (This isn’t actually mine, mine’s identical, I just couldn’t take a photo this good.)
    This movement has a 55 hour power reserve on it, and it’s pretty easy to get the back off and tweak the adjustment yourself. Mine was running about a minute fast per week, but after a few goes I’ve got it so that it’s currently about seven/eight seconds fast, and I set it several months ago. I only wear it all day at weekends, during the week I wear a G-Shock to work, swapping to the SPORK when I get home. The 55-hour reserve is apparently very accurate, too, according to a couple of fora that have reviewed it.
    Servicing really shouldn’t be excessive, it’s not a very high-end movement. Mine was NOS, with a warranty from a dealer in the Midlands, had it just over fourteen months, cost me £360.
    And I love it to bits
    Here’s mine, alongside my 1980’s TAG Series 1000, which cost me £250, and I was quoted £130 for a service five or six years ago, and it’s a quartz movement. £30 for a battery from a dealer, and they send it to TAG.
    Bugger that, I’m more than happy with my Seiko, and it keeps better time than the TAG ever did.


    CZ. That Spork is ace. Shame they’re discontinued.

    I’ll have to stick with my Sub ND.

    Used Oris Titan?

    …although the Oris is an automatic ETA movement, not quartz.


    The Spork is a loverly looking watch, and arguably a better watch than the ubiquitous SKX divers. I espcially like the black date on it, although it would look better centered between the 4 and 5 markers.

    Automatic/quartz thing apart a Spork is bigger than I like at 44mm. A SKX007 at 42mm is my top limit, the SKX031 at 40mm is better. I’d really love a (discontinued) SBCM023 which is 38mm and quartz. The Sekonda pictured on my wrist above is 39mm, which I find a nice size.

    Seiko divers are generally realy nice watches, I’m sure I’ll hhave one at some point, just not this time.

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