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    Good as UPS then.

    New iphone made it from China, via Hong Kong, Dubai and Germany to the UK in less than 2 days.

    It’s so far been 2 days in the depot 6 miles away from my house 😈

    They wont let me pick it up either, have to wait.


    Soz but I have to do this.
    Bought a ‘puter and paid for Sat delivery so i could spend weekend setting up.Tracking said its loaded on van at depot waiting delivery. Wait ALL day but no show. Arrives Yesterday. Label clearly states Saturday Delivery.
    You lazy work shy time wasting b*!?*^%s parcel force.
    That is all.


    Parcel force man knocked on my door at 8am on Saturday that hard/loud I thought it was the old bill 😯

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Still one of the best couriers IME- though that’s like being the least bad murderer I suppose.


    No Parcelforce drivers have to work Saturdays it not in the contract so sat deliveries only get done if drivers what some extra work on sat. Hense so many sat deliveries are pointless.

    Currently waiting for today’s Parcel Force delivery which could arrive any time.
    I’ve been impressed by DPD lately, really clear updates, easy to change delivery days if inconvenient, and with a 1hr timeslot given.

    They’ve always been very good in my experience apart from in recent months where I seem to have had a few problems with them with both receiveing and sending stuff. I do hope that the workforce are not cynically sabotaging the business due to the sell off.

    I think the opportunity in this industry to innovate and provide a better service than the usual standard service you get from all courier’s is huge and with some innovation Parcelforce could be the first off the mark to exploit.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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