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  • Yet another car itch – fast diesel estate
  • ElShalimo
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    1200w stereo – is that enough power?

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    Parked on footpath; tut tut.

    thats lovely. If it’s the 3 litre, it’s not exactly slow. Is it orange-esque in colour?

    Yeah D300 – 0-60, 6.5s. Namib Orange. Looks lovely in the sun

    Screenshot_20240402_184703_Auto Trader~2_122256

    Parked on footpath; tut tut.

    No one uses it, everyone walks down the middle of the road, it’s a cul de sac. Room to get a pushchair/wheelchair past anyway

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    Nice colour!

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    Good job there isn’t a climate emergency eh?

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    I recently bought an F30 325d as I’ve never owned a bmw and I should before I end up in a box. It’s excellent, always over 50mpg, 57 real mpg on a snowboarding trip to Austria at 90mph once in europe, quiet, quick, very balanced car to drive and cheap for a low milage minter. It’ll probably last me until I no longer need a car.

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    Jlr make some lovely looking cars. But reliability woes have always put me off


    My eldest is head mechanic at a LR Service Centre, not one of the staff (except the Owners wife) runs a LR.

    My OH has had two and after the second one failed (turbo at 80k), she still wanted another.  His advice, “buy new/nearly-new on a LR Warranty, get rid when the warranty ends”.

    She got a Kia instead – loves the car, hates the badge.

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    Hope you have a good warranty with it 😉

    And the insurance!

    But reliability woes have always put me off

    Yeah, i worked on the last “reliable” one. Even that was woeful compared to what i deal with now.

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