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  • Yet another camping kit recommendation thread
  • Please help me…

    I’ve wanted to get into bikepacking for the best part of 10 years but the cost of entry has been a bit daunting (given that I have pretty much zero experience other than car camping). I’ve also got a young family so it’s going to be an occasional thing.

    I’m due to be doing a wild overnight trek camp in July with extended family. It seems a great excuse to get some of the basic kit I’ll need (tent, mat, sleeping bag).

    What I’m struggling with is:
    1. Do I get minimalist gear just for me that I want now, or do I try and get a tent that could go camping with my kids too? (More luxury, space and weight)
    2. I’ve got say £200ish to spend on that above kit. What should I get?

    I’ve decided I won’t need more than 3 season and probably won’t be camping in sub zero hurricane conditions.

    So far I’ve been looking at some vango and wild country tents which look good (although not seen them in person). I’m thinking a fairly cheap inflatable mat from Amazon and no idea about sleeping bag..

    Go for the smallest and lightest possible…luggage space, especially with rackless bike bags is very limited which is why tarps held up with ski poles or the bike are so popular!

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    I’d say pick one. Are you buying for bikepacking / wild camping or a family holiday? At your budget you can’t afford both.

    If you need a tent AND a mat AND a sleeping bag AND want to future-proof for family excursions then perhaps the question you really need to be asking is, what kit can I borrow from friends and family?

    Further reading, STW yesterday:

    Cheap ‘bikepacking’ (camping) gear

    That thread is interesting. I was looking at that WC Hoolie 2 tent, but i couldn’t work out if it would be a compromise both ways? (0.5-1kg heavier than the lightest tents in my price range, maybe not spacious enough for me and a 6yo to camp)

    Maybe I need 2 tents? (I could get the family one later). Or maybe the hoolie 2 would actually be ok for both uses?

    Decided to buy the hoolie 2 for now. Swayed by the fact I have a £20 SD credit note burning a hole in my pocket, and that’s a better tent than I’ve ever had in the past (and that I’m over thinking this as it’s pretty compact and lightweight)

    £80 for that tent does seem decent considering it’s sort of ticking the boxes.

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