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  • years 1,2,3 scottish edumaction system.
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    pretty sure I could skin up competently by 3rd year.

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    Is that primary or secondary education?.


    Anyone got kids in skool in scotland in yrs 1,2,or 3? I want to compare standards/ability?

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    Wee one in P3 at the moment (age 7).. one about to go into P1 in August… what you wondering?

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    I work with teachers, am married to teacher and have P4, 6 and 7 kids. Whadddya wanna know?

    b r

    I want to compare standards/ability?

    To what?

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    Kids in P1 and P3.


    Waves at Euain, nearly recovered from monday…

    Well I am trying to avoid creating trouble, but I could do with some guidance.
    Recently moved to Aberdeen, for 2 year work stint in o & g..
    I’m in two minds wether to bring family, or just commute back to Devon every fortnight.

    Eldest is 6 birthday is mid april, so she would start the new skool year in august in p2, as one of the oldest in her class.
    The problem is that in england she would have just finished 2 years at skool (reception and yr 1) whereas in Scotland she will be going into a class of kids who have only just finished their first year at skool.

    Predictably, like most parents I am convinced she is very bright:
    She is an independant reader, she can read any book you put in front of her, any sign in the street, menus whatever, she has gone beyond the kids books at school and now we furnish her with books from library/shops or from 3 or 4 skool years above.
    She can add hundreds and understands thousands and ten thousands, she can multiply single digits and is learning her times tables.
    She is obsessed with science and nature, we discuss this stuff all the time, there is no hothousing going on, but like most kids, she asks loads of questions. I do my best answer or help her google the answer…

    The problem is that we want to push her up a year, and the local skools are resistant to the point of refusal/obstruction..
    I asked both potential skools to convince/reassure me that she would be fine in p2 next year, but they just admitted that she sounded v advanced for her age, and they would differentiate. The problem is that the skool she is at in Exeter, the other girls in her year are also well advanced, and this is part of what motivates her, to be as good or better than her class mates. In the two best performingskools in aberdeen, she wouldbe a big fish in a small pond. I dont think this is good…

    lots of issues bundled in there. that kind of motivation (Performance approach) does not lead to learning , in the long term.

    Why do you want to push her up a year?

    Sounds difficult because she has done two years and seems to be doing great and will be joining kids who have done one year and will be a range.

    Charlie I’m not sure there is any performance approach going on from op’s description, just sounds like supportive parenting to me?

    For what its worth (absolutely nothing!) I went to Cults Primary up in Aberdeen 20 years ago and I remember parents being very frustrated about how slow going p1 was! That’s just the kind of recent knowledge you want eh.

    Is private an option? Gordons, Albyn, St Margarets, what about the International School? Grammar School?


    meikle_partans have considered cults, looks good too, expensive area to live. I think if we do decide to move the family here it will end up being private. St Margs said their was no issue they would just asses her abilities and put her in the comparable year.

    The amusing thing is that apparently the ed psych said the biggest issue is that she would be damaged by not being in the appropriate age range. To contextualise – in england the school year age range is 1st sept-31st aug, in scotland its 1st april to 30th march. So with her birthday in mid april, in scotland she would be among the oldest in her year, in england she would be in the middle fo the age range. The scots must think all the english kids are getting psychologicaly damaged by being in the wrong year 🙄

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    Hi Toys – glad you’re recovering. Need to head back to Scolty and do it in smaller chunks some time – play on the descents a bit more :). There is a lot to play on there!

    As for the question – in terms of the reading/maths, it sounds like she’s already well into or through P2 stuff already. For comparison – my eldest is just finishing P3 and they kind of thing they’re doing is:
    * reading – “chapter books” (novels, I guess) – so pretty much finished her Roald Dahl box set and into Jack London that kind of thing.
    * arithmetic – multiplication / division etc. into hundreds, simple fractions, money, time…
    * science – more questions than you can keep up with. 🙂

    From your description, it sounds like yours would be pretty well set up academically going into P3.

    Of course, the other aspect is where she is socially (and to some extent physically) – though as you say she’d be at the older end of P2. She would be young to go into P3 – but only 2 months younger than mine was. It really depends on the child, I guess.

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    There’s always the possibility that the education professionals are better qualified and more experienced to judge than a proud parent.


    euain – yup, that would be great, but I also need to raise my game fitness wise.

    She has just started reading roald dhal just now the twits!
    If she was 16 days older she would be in p3.

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