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  • Ye olde school inner tube quest.
  • zippykona
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    I need the world’s toughest 26 inch ,car valve for 2 inch wide tyres inner tube.
    It’s for my E conversion and the inside of the tube where it meets the rim has been worn thin .
    Will attempt a ghetto tubeless conversion but if that fails I need tough tubes.

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    I’m a bit confused by your description but is that not down to the tube rubbing against the rim tape? Some smoother rim tape might be the answer (like the Schwalbe stuff). Or coat the tube with talc to stop the tyre dragging it?

    But yeah… tubeless.

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    Slime filled (by yourself) Hutchinson or maxxis dh tubes. Don’t worry that their aimed at wider tyres, they’ll work fine

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    Why does it have to be schrader valve? If the rim is drilled for that then Presta will fit too, its the other way round which won’t work

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    Are you describing wear in the tube, where the valve joins the tube around the rim hole?

    Have you checked the rim hole for burrs? It might be worth running a file around the hole?
    If that is where you are seeing wear, you could also cut a square of material out of an old inner tube, stick a hole in the centre of it and then push it over the valve on the tube you want to use, to reinforce that area with a double layer?

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    Put a fatter tube in so the rubber isn’t stretched as much.

    Though I’m not sure of your description

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    Maxxis used to do some really thick and heavy tubes (either DH or Freeride, can’t remember which) they were pretty much indestructible if you had them pumped up enough. Add some slime in them and they’d be bombproof. They were Scrader valves as well (the best type of valve). No idea where you’d get them now though. Maybe trawl through online shops.

    Didn’t Slime do puncture protection insert strips to go between the tyre and tube as well?
    Or maybe modify some cushcore to 26 as well

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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