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  • Yay :-) A what tyres thread!
  • andrewh


    Looking for some 29″ tyres up to 2.3

    They will be on the bike I will commute on, 15miles road there, pretty way home, mix of open moorland and trail centre, and then 5-10 miles of tarmac. What will be half decent on grassy Landrover tracks and singletracks, but won’t be instantly ruined on the tarmac?

    Or is it a lost cause and I should.just get whatever is cheapest and accept.that they won’t last long?

    Previous experience: I like Maxxis, Ikon,Advantage and Minion, I don’t like Continental, especially Race Kings but their road tyres are OK. I used to like Schwalbe, RRs and NNs but lately they have become a PITA to fit. Not really tried much else.


    Premier Icon Poopscoop

    Not sure about grassy Landrover tracks… but I’ll stay the bidding with the Minion SS?

    As with any tyre you could up the pressure a bit for the long road section,lower it for the fun stuff?

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Ardent. 2.4 if it will fit, 2.25 if not. Maybe an ardent race on the rear.


    Specialized Slaughter – light casing variant


    Hmm, tempted by the Ardent, think a Minion may be a bit heavy. Are they a harder rubber than the Minion, last a bit longer on the tarmac bits?

    Slaughter does look good, and reasonably cheap too if they turn out not to last that long. Hadn’t thought of Spec.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    XR2 – surprisingly good unless it’s gloopfest…

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