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  • [Yawn]What phone?[/Yawn]
  • Need to replace my work phone, and the only ‘official’ option available via out intranetz is an iPhone 7, which fails on a couple of points. Firstly, it’s £500 or so, which seems silly even if it’s within the accepted policy, and secondly no headphone jack, which is just stupid. Often need to use it for long calls and use ‘phones while charging. So…your recommendations to fit the following,

    Long battery life
    Fingerprint unlock
    USB C and a flipping headphone socket!
    Readily available protectors for screen/body
    Subtle, understated design
    Available from a reputable bricks and mortar shop

    Not really fussed about whizzbang camera or media player stuff, as I have my shiny personal phone for that, but still want something decent.


    Premier Icon bigdean

    Well if you dont mind the camera freezing and not focusing the nokia 6 is ok for the money.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Well if you dont mind the camera freezing and not focusing the nokia 6 is ok for the money.

    Nokia 6.1, AKA Nokia 6 2018. And the camera issue can be largely fixed with a different app IME. I’m using Open Camera at the moment and it’s far better than the stock app, the Nokia one is utterly useless in anything other than perfect conditions.


    Honor Play – Argos – £250 Inc ‘notch’

    Fast CPU, IPS LCD, bigger than average battery. Tall so don’t be fooled by screen size doesn’t look like a phablet. Also light.

    Premier Icon somouk

    Does it have to be brand new? You might get a traded Galaxy S9 for that money.


    If you’re prepared to forgo the USB C requirement, John Lewis have the iPhone SE 128GB for £249. 2 year JL warranty probably similar to iOS update support duration.

    Thanks, drlex.

    USB C is to cut down on cables when I travel, so not essential, but definitely preferred.

    Will need to be new, as well.

    Premier Icon kayak23

    Sony XZ1 Compact does all that.

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Doesnt have the same panache in seat 1A though…

    Premier Icon Kryton57

    Anyway – this meets the require. Damn good and compact, high performance, usbc


    Premier Icon schmiken

    Oneplus 5 or 5T.


    If you can cope with China etc my Huawei P10 is nice and seems to work well.


    iPhone 7 with charging/headphone splitter


    Can you still get phones of a reasonable size, say 5″?
    Most phones now seem to be 5.7+. It’s daft if you have small hands

    charging/headphone splitter

    £500 + a Heath Robinsonesque bodge to make it work? No thanks.

    That compact Sony looks just the ticket, thanks. Only problem is it looks like it’s the old model now, so will have to hunt around.

    Premier Icon beej

    I’ve had 2 Sony compacts, currently on XZ1 compact. Good phone, “waterproof” as well. I wanted a smaller one as a personal phone for riding. Work phone is a OnePlus 3T, also very good but much bigger.

    Looks like XZ2 Compact is the replacement, but possibly not out yet. XZ1 looks nicer in my view though.

    Samsung S8, had my S7 for 3 years now, it’s brilliant, fast, great camera, waterproof. Done.

    What’s the camera like on XZ1?

    iPhone 7 plus a decent set of rechargeable wireless headphones.

    I have some beats x  which can take a five minute quick charge which will power them for two hours-ish.

    Iphones just work better than Android ones.

    Are you having to buy your own work phone? Weird.


    I looked at all the options, but got myself an iPhone 7 mainly because I use a Mac / iCloud for running my business and it integrates perfectly – not having to use third party apps / sites to upload / share photos / documents. My wife still running an iPhone 5 and its running the latest OS and it just works. I had a couple of Sony phones previously, but they were noticeably slower after a year.

    Iphones just work better than Android ones.

    Are you having to buy your own work phone? Weird.

    My personal phone (Android) just works a lot better than my work phone (iPhone). YMMV of course.

    Not buying it myself, but am looking at options that are better than the ‘approved’ channel, which is overpriced and has limited (one!) options. Will be bought on my company card.

    I have Bose QC35s but prefer to use my much lighter in ear Sony ‘phones for calls. I don’t want to have to buy another pair of headphones just to make a phone work, hence ruling out the iPhone 7.

    Totally agree with kryton67. This is seeming to be a good choice


    Wiley Fox Swift 2X is very long in the tooth now, but has:-

    fingerprint security
    Plain Android 8.1.0 after updating
    3000mah battery
    fast charging with the right charger (phone only comes with lead)
    USB C at the bottom
    headphone socket at the top
    dual sim or one sim plus sd card

    mediocre camera (even when new)
    2.4ghz wifi only
    cheap (get a spare?)
    early user reviews noted bad customer service
    not available from b&m stores, i think


    I believe the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite from John Lewis ticks all of those boxes.


    Another XZ1 here.

    Have been a fan of Sony compacts for years.

    Waterproof. Good camera. Good ram.

    XZ1 can be had for under 300 now the XZ2 is out.

    Premier Icon sunday wobbler

    Xiaomi Mi A1 user here, cannot fault it, was cheap as chips when I got it (a good 6 months ago) and has been brilliant ever since.

    I’m not a huge user of apps but fairly hefty on phone usage for work and it continues to perform.


    I’ve had the Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite since November, I’m not usually bothered by phones so didn’t want to spend much, wanted a Pixel but the new one is stupid money and the last one still pricey.

    The Xiaomi uses Android One with no extra skins like a lot of providers so is nice and clean and easy to use. Would definitely recommend. Think I could power a small town for a week with the battery. Only draw back is the camera is so-so but plenty of other models with better cameras.


    @stevew – is the camera poor or is it more that the higher end phones have amazing cameras?
    Have you tried OpenCamera app?


    My wife’s new Huawei Mate 20 Lite has USB-C and a headphone jack, cost me 350€ or so so probably at the top end of your price range. Looks pretty smart, decent size screen, reasonable camera.

    Edit: it’s a “Lite”

    Huawei p20 lite. My wife just got one. Cheap, good screen, headphone jack. USB c.

    Godawful android skin. (Mostly foxes by a launcher)

    Small chance that the Chinese govt are listening 😀


    What’s the personal phone? Presumably not iOS? If it is then get an SE. The way my two talk to each other regarding communications from my apple account is excellent.

    And work only offering 7’s. We had a ru on X’a last year such that I HAD to take an 8 plus. Curiously the cost to the company was £10 more than my shiny new business travel laptop.

    Priorities seem screwed to me.

    Premier Icon Caher

    MotoG plus and save your money for some bike bling.

    No way am I trawling through all that but my Galaxy A5 does everything you ask and more. Probs within budget too. It’s likely already been addressed but why the need for a headphone socket? Bluetooth works for me but then I listen to folk music and audio books 🙂 (although the A5 does have a socket).

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    USB C and a flipping headphone socket!

    Hold on, have the Bose headphones broken?

    Premier Icon nickc

    Oneplus 5 or 5T.

    this. Best phone no-one has ever heard of.


    I have Bose QC35s but prefer to use my much lighter in ear Sony ‘phones for calls. I don’t want to have to buy another pair of headphones just to make a phone work, hence ruling out the iPhone 7.

    Am also often on the phone for a long time, and need to be able to charge while I’m on.

    Thanks for the pointers, all. Sony looks like the winner this far. (Personal phone is a Sony, and am very impressed with it)


    I just bought myself a new phone. Looked at S9, H20 Pro, OnePlus 6, Pocophone F1 all with similar specs, but prices ranging from £250-£700! Now, to me, I wanted a good camera, and good battery life. I saw a recommendation for Nokia 7 plus on here. Slightly slower processor, but big battery and the slower processor means battery lasts ages (I forgot to charge mine last night, its at 61% this morning). Its fast as I could ever need (I dont play games), camera is superb and its extremely well built.
    Bought it for £175 inc next day del from ebay, good as new 🙂 Very chuffed indeed.

    Old phone – Sony XZ (terrible), Sony Z3 compact prior to that (vgood)


    Anyone got a Nokia 8?
    They’re ~£220 at John Lewis now. That seems good value for a flagship phone from last spring


    Yes I have a Nokia 8. It’s so far been faultless. Battery is reasonable (but not a patch on my previous Moto Z Play).

    Fast and works well, the camera isn’t the best but it’s passable.

    Updated to Oreo 8.1 and apparently Pie is on the way.

    It’s pretty snappy due to being pure Android with no skin or launcher on it.

    I got it from JL for that price a couple of months ago.

    It’s a nice size too.

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