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  • Trying to fit a 2nd-hand XTR BR-M975 IS fitting to IS mount on my Inbred and it wont go – the caliper wont go into place and the body knocks the mount – with the wheel locked a bit more than halfway forward in the horizontal dropout

    I think it may be as that the BR-M975 is designed to go on the back for a 140mm rotor.

    Can anyone confirm this and what is the best way round it?
    I could of course get a 140mm rotor is that is the case but would an IS-to IS adaptor work like this? http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/hope-mount-adaptor-is-to-is-20mm/rp-prod13736

    I cant find any other adaptors (trying to stick to el-cheapo inbred budget!)

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