XTR M980 crankset sale seems jinxed in some way. Annoying me so must go now!

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  • XTR M980 crankset sale seems jinxed in some way. Annoying me so must go now!
  • Premier Icon mickb

    Packed and unpacked sold and then unsold. Needs to go before I get any more frustrated with it.

    *Sale one was scuppered when I pulled out after sale of frame and forks fell through. Buyer found another in meantime!

    * Sale two remains a mystery. Price was agreed on here but I never heard another word from the buyer

    * Sale three was again on here but on day it was due to take place the buyer was informed that his frame (in for respray) was actually cracked and so the the build it was for was cancelled!

    * Sale four was on eBay. Buyer decided that as Merlin Cycles had reduced the price that week, the crankset wasn’t as good a value as the price he had agreed to pay me. Also said that on consideration he would prefer a new/unmarked set. I refunded him as he seemed a genuine guy and I didn’t want any bad feeling.

    So let’s start again! With some new detailed pictures so that there is no room for ambiguity, doubt or changing of minds

    XTR Trail 3×10 Hollowtech II Crankset FC-M980 44-32-24. 175 mm arms.
    Good condition: I would put it around 75-80% cosmetic appearance. In line with around 300-400 miles it has covered. The odd scratch and some rubbing on the arms plus small scrapes on arm ends from the trail. Wear to the rings is minimal as it been 90% dry riding. The crankset still looks very nice and it runs perfectly with a new chain and the changing is slick and precise.

    I have dropped the price in line with the new lowest on line price I can find (£259.99 at Merlin).
    So the it’s now £155 posted

    I also have:
    * XTR bottom bracket which looks and works as new and was used for 4 weeks of bone dry riding over the summer and can come with this if needed for a small extra charge of £10.

    Buyer can also have the option of, if purchased at the same time and posted together.(brand new):
    * Large 44T ring for £25

    * 24T granny ring for £10.

    That’s not a bad bargain bundle for someone if they take the lot!
    If anyone buys the crankset but doesn’t want the rings/bottom bracket you can register an interest for them (plus postage) and I’ll get back.

    PayPal (gift or you do fees please) or bank transfer. email in profile is for any questions etc but not for PayPal.
    Loads of pics below!!!!


    Wowsers… bit gutted I missed out on this ages ago due to deal falling through.. 😉

    Will take the BB though – if it’s not eventually sold together with the crankset.


    Premier Icon mickb

    Seems as though (pending payment) the arms and BB are sold. Looking for any takers for the rings. Full set (44/32/24) of really good used ones and the two brand new ones (44/24).
    Obviously, these can be split but price/postage will be cheaper for bulk purchases!!

    Premier Icon guitarhero

    I’ll take the arms if it falls through. Email in profile

    Premier Icon mickb

    OK, looking good!
    arms and used rings sold to discapade

    BB sold to no_eyed_deer

    guitarhero you are on standby in case anything goes wrong and with this crankset sale nothing would surprise me!!

    Brand new large 44T amd 24T rings are still available.
    Rest is sold (pending payment).


    Hi Mickb, do you perhaps know if the 44t will fit on xt arms? If it does, then I’ll be interested in the 44t Chainring :-)))



    Forgot to mention, I’ve got the XT M780 cranks, 2012/2013 model

    Premier Icon mickb

    oakpics As you can see in the photos the outer ring is shaped to mesh up with the arms. The general shape looks vaguely similar to the XT one. Main difference I can see is that the XT bolts go right through whilst the XTR come from the rear but are invisible from the front as the thread is at the back of the ring rather than another half of a bolt. My inclination is to doubt that it would fit but I could well be wrong. Maybe someone on here has tried this and knows.
    Have done quick internet search but found nothing conclusive!
    I am in Halifax West Yorks. Don’t suppose you are close enough to test?


    Hi Mick,
    Thanks for coming back to me, appreciate it. Also couldn’t find any info on net. My worries is not so much the bolts, but the shape may be the big problem. I’m in east Sussex, so the quick try is not going to be a option :-((
    Great price, though, but won’t help if it doesn’t fit LOL!!!
    I’ll still try to get some info, and get back to you if I do find something, but please don’t hesitate to sell if someone else would want them.
    Again thanks for your time :-))

    Premier Icon mickb

    Shimano part number for the big ring is :Y1LR98010 yours XT is Y1MM98110 if that helps. As per usual, Shimano site isn’t any help. They just always say that nothing is compatible with anything other than the designated part.
    Oh, and when I have looked carefully it 42T not 44!
    The trail set up is 42/32/24

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