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  • XTR Clutch Mech users – help if possible!
  • cheers HG!

    it is clockwise then at least, doh! ive done it the wrong way 😳

    doesnt mention how many turns it actually has though before max tightness is reached? any idea at all?

    Not sure, haven’t gone messing with mine yet – they mention in the article that a quarter (a fourth, is that an Americanism?) turn makes a noticeable difference, so I’d imagine there isn’t much in it.

    ahh yeah! good spot, that would indeed suggest it doesnt turn loads then, i was kinda turning it last night thinking it was stuck, but then i wound it back down (wrong way too!) and it was suddenly all the way in as far as it would go, wound it back out again and it just suddenly seemed to stop

    so yeah reading that would suggest its not got many full revolutions in it

    Tempted to go messing with mine, although the back of the bike is virtually silent and shifting is spot on, so I really shouldn’t. But I’d like a look inside. Suspect a clean and a dab of oil might be a good plan – was there any grime inside yours?

    have a play! althought TBH theres not much in them….i managed about a 1.5 years ago to round one of the bolts off the cover on mine (be very careful not to tighten them upto much, they are well known for this at my LBS lol), its only since ive ditched my front guide i decided its best to try and tighten it up as much as possible to avoid dropping the chain…

    i managed to get the stuck screw off last night and to be honest seems as ive not opened it for 1.5 years it was pretty much spotlessly clean! its a pretty well sealed mech so there was nothing to major in there, i just give it a spray with gt85 to help get the moving parts a bit lubed (as it seemed a bit dry in there) but no mud/dust or anything really

    i’ve just adjusted mine (for the first time in a year) so wasnt really sure as id forgot which way tightened it etc….

    turns out i may have been tightening it up the wrong way 😆

    looking directly in front of the mech and turning the screw clockwise is tightening the clutch right?

    but also when i messed around with it last night, how many turns does the screw do before it wont turn any more? as far as i can remember there didnt seem an awful lot of turns (full rotations) of the screw involved? is it buggered or does it literally only turn a little bit from slack to tight?

    mr plow

    Not looked in mine yet but spraying lube in a clutch mechanism does sound a little odd.


    I adjusted mine the other day and only turning it clockwise three or four clicks made a diffence to the tension. probably about one turn of the screw. Make sure all the tension is out of the mech before you adjust it ie clutch lever in off position and chain in small/small combo.


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