XT M8100 Brakes, anybody got some? Any good?

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  • XT M8100 Brakes, anybody got some? Any good?
  • thered

    Specifically has anybody suffered from the wandering bite point issue?

    I know that many will say get a proper bleed but my M9000 & M8000 brakes have been bled many, many times by me and the LBS, still a bit naff.

    Interested in this for a new 29er build – have they sorted them leaky caliper seals?

    Hob Nob

    Yes, other half has some on her long term test bike. Already been replaced once by Madison for wandery bite points.

    Good old Shimano 😆


    In before someone with n sets of non wandering bite xt brakes tells you that it’s your own fault for not bleeding them properly.

    Premier Icon rhayter

    Always loved M7800 brakes, but I’ve had both 2-pot and 4-pot M8100 brakes on my bike and I’m not impressed. The front one ‘pumps up’ really fast, even under my ‘slow old bloke in the Surrey Hills’ stye riding.


    The only difference is at the calipers so this will make no difference to the wandering bite point issue.
    I don’t really find it an issue … appreciate others might but couple of pumps after its been on an uplift or upside down in the car.

    I fitted some 7120 calipers as I gopt 2 for £80 and the already face wrenching deceleration on a 203/180 with my 75kg wet through from M7000/M8000 (which are identical anyway) is better modulated… if I weighed a lot more they might actually stop me faster…. but the increased modulation is quite nice once I got used to it…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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