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  • XT M8000 Brake stuck on in hot weather
  • Premier Icon r8jimbob88
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    Is this a common thing?

    I’ve been meaning to sort it for ages and I guess this current weather has reminded me it’s still a problem…

    I’m unsure if a simple bleed will sort it or if I need a new lever? I hate bleeding brakes so don’t want to do it unless it’s the solution.

    If I cool the lever down with a hosepipe it returns to normal for 10 mins or so. Tends to be ok in normal temperatures but this 30’c stuff is a problem!

    Premier Icon thols2
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    They may have been overfilled. I would try opening the bleed port in the lever and then use a flat bladed screwdriver to wedge the pads apart. This will push the pistons back into the calipers and eject any excess fluid or air from the reservoir.

    Premier Icon TimT
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    I’m in Australia and ridden many times in hotter weather. No heat related issues with my XT M8000 brakes so I’d guess that it’s something other than the heat.

    Premier Icon r8jimbob88
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    I know, I have two brakes and the front one is ok! Whatever the problem is with the rear brake it’s the heat that then causes it to lock on. I’ll try a bleed

    Premier Icon Keva
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    more than likely as above, been overfilled at some point. I had the same with my old Hope brakes a few weeks ago.

    Premier Icon carbosteve
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    I’ve had this problem on previous gen XTs.

    I believe it was the seals swelling in the heat causing excessive friction on the push rods. I only had it when the bike was left in the sun, never happened riding along though. I think its more of a design issue rather than bleeding etc.

    Premier Icon damascus
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    A few years ago, set out on a big ride. Stopped at a pub for dinner and left the bike in the hot sun. I’d noticed a problem with the brakes earlier on but not enough to stop me.

    When I went to start my ride again brakes were binding. Had to disconnect them to let oil out so I could ride home, luckily up hill.

    When I stripped them, the seals inside the levers were covered in dirt and I think they had too much friction. I cleaned them and put them back together but it did it again.

    There’s a big thread on it on here somewhere.

    Unfortunately, as they are shimano, I think you need to replace the levers.

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