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  • XT double 38 / 24 – what mech cage
  • Premier Icon mboy

    Not quite as simple as that sadly (bloody Shimano!)

    Medium can deal with 35T overall difference iirc, and long cage up to 45T. Which means, in practice with a 24/38 up front, you’d be limited to an 11-32 cassette. If you wanted to run an 11-36 as most people do, you’re limited to a 10TH difference up front for a medium cage mech.

    However… On a hardtail, so no suspension movement to compensate for, I ran 24/36 and an 11-36 with a medium cage XT with no issues at all, giving a 37T difference. I’d only recommend this on a HT though, and even then couldn’t guarantee it will be ok on your exact combo.


    That sounds very complicated. I just went for the old ‘triple ring-long cage, double ring-medium cage. Seems to work fine for me.


    If you plan on using a 11-36 cassette you will need the long cage.


    As Zelak says.


    Running 38/24 11-36 with medium cage on my HT with no issues.

    Premier Icon charliemort

    Medium or long cage? Assume medium



    So I have just fitted 38/24 up front, to go with my 11-36 cassette. Does this mean my SLX medium cage clutch mech needs replacing with a long cage?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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