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  • allthegear

    The reservoir is leaking? Have there been any Lancaster bombers spotted in the region? Flying low??



    I had a similar issue with SLX brakes a while ago.

    Whilst not the most helpful of solutions, I gave up on Shimano, and their approach to non-repairable parts and their lack of after-market spares and opted for a set of Formula brakes. I can still easily get a full set of spares for my 2008 vintage K24s

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    So, having run xt’s with no issues for a couple of years I began noticing some fade a few weeks ago, investigation has shown that fluid was coming out the lever under the top cap, so I took it off and removed the metal plate and membrane, cleaned, bled and replaced. I still have some leakage – I think.

    Has anyone else had this issue and what did you do about it?

    Given spares are not available aside for a whole lever.



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    had the same issue with one of my XT levers..

    you can actually buy the plastic parts that sit on top of the rubber membrane.. its called the separator unit

    but replacing that didnt solve my issue.. and cost the best part of £10 including shipping!

    i think the membrane itself must have developed a tiny leak somewhere i couldnt see. Unfortunatley i didn’t find the actual membrane anywhere for sale as its not listed as a separate part on the brake lever diagram..

    you could try a bit of liquid gasket or similar around the edge of the membrane..

    or do what i and most other people end up doing due to the lack of spares and just buy a new lever.. they’re only £23.49 from CRC

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    Mine were doing that but still seem to work…

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    Try running a piece of plumbers tape over it before refitting?

    Had exactly the same issue myself! Tried everything. In the end bought new levers as Evans had them for £19.99 a few weeks back

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