xt 11-42 cassette for free…

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  • xt 11-42 cassette for free…
  • gazc

    iffoverload – pm’ed you on pinkbike i’ll take one 😀


    yes I am using a zee short cage with a SRAM shifter and a 11-40 9 speed.

    @gazc YGPM 😉

    just put in an order for a few will post here when they turn up 🙂


    Premier Icon cookeaa

    Iffoverload I’d be interested in an Alloy spider if you are ordering some more in the future.

    I’ll PM you on PB if that’s OK

    I fancy bodging myself a wider range 1×9 setup and that looks just the ticket.


    make sure you have a steel freewheel if mounting it to plain sprocket not one on a spider.

    It can’t be beyond the realms of possibility to mount the chainring to the 36t of a complete cassette with a spacer on the bolts and one behind the cassette to pad out the freehub and spread the load across the whole cassette.


    Hi Pete I’ve pm’d you over on PB.
    Thanks Nathan


    Ha, nice to see someone do this properly rather than my proper bodge!

    I didn’t use mine for long as I reckoned it’d trash the freehub, i figured id just order a one-up sprocket instead.

    Whilst waiting for the new sprocket I switched to a 30t chainring instead of the 34t I was on before and that seems to be fine now – I never want for a higher gear and the climbs are fine (I live at the foot of snowdon so most rides included a fairly decent climb). I’m not sure I’ll bother using the 42t sprocket when it finally arrives.

    @ torquil Thanks for sharing 🙂

    I dont often spin out but want to keep at least a 32 up front.

    got some more made up at last,

    they are either steel or aluminium £20 each including the postage and a couple of spacers or 1 of each for £30
    any questions please send me a message on PB

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    I’ll keep my eye on this thread, I’m about to go 1×10 so I’ll see how I get on with a 36 before I start messing about.

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    @iffoverload – does the Alu version have a wider footprint on the freehub body? Got 240 hubs and don’t fancy destroying the f/hub….


    This would be good on a sportive bike for after cake – anyone tried something like this on a 2×10 105 setup ?

    @sillyoldman , no its cut out of 2mm sheet not CNC. I have only used it on a steel freehub body so dont know how a Alu one would hold up.

    Someone did suggest fixing the adaptor on the back of a cassette with a carrier.

    where theres a will.. 😆



    Any pics of it on the bike?

    @ tpbiker


    more in the album and a vid too.

    Interesting idea. I’ve installed a thick/thin chainring, but kept the small ring in place, so if i need to do a lot of climbing, I can just drop the chain by hand.

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