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  • XS women’s FS Emtb
  • Premier Icon merckx12
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    I’m looking for a full suspension emtb for my other half ideally XS size as she needs a low standover height (she’s 5’ 2”). Any ideas on what’s good please? The smallest we can find is the Canyon Neuron ON but even that has a high standover (& the spec isn’t great…). Emtb only please!

    Premier Icon Blazin-saddles
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    Mrs BS is 5’6 and on a medium Orbea Rise. I’d imagine one of the smaller sizes of those could be made to work.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout
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    It seems Giant do full sus in xs, but smallest FS eBike is small.

    Mrs_oab is 5′ and fits xs, but s is a tad big.

    Premier Icon CheesybeanZ
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    Levo sl xs is a tiny bike , mrsBeanZ is close to 5’4″ in her 5tens and has a medium sl . Standover is on the limit for her height but the bike fits great otherwise.

    Premier Icon sam_underhill
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    Might be worth looking at the YT decoy. They only go to a small, but I think the standover is pretty good and their size chart suggests it might be ok. I’m coming from the perspective of my wife thinking about a Jeffsy for the same reason.

    If you are anywhere near the surrey hills, there’s a YT showroom where you can throw a leg over one / take a demo for a few hours.

    Premier Icon smokey_jo
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    Vitus XS size is small enough for my 5′ missus

    Premier Icon merckx12
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    Thanks for all e suggestions – all very helpful as ever from the Forum!

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