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  • Premier Icon stevemorg2

    A mate has an XS Giant for sale – its got a decent frame but is running heavy forks and V-brakes – it would be a great starting point for a nice build though

    14in Trek 6700 WSD from about 2007 in candy pink of any interest? Could split.

    Gents – either would be of interest, it’s for an 8 yr old so it need not be too special, but eff me – kids bikes are heavy so I’m trying to get them rolling on something sensible i.e. like I’d like.

    BugPowderDust – we met on the TransWales/ Scotland and sporadically thereafter.

    Where are you both and hoew much for full bikes please?



    Afternoon All

    Youngest daughter is unsually large and now we can all ride 26 inch wheels – yay for famuily outings!

    Anyone got something of 14.5 inch frame or smaller that they don’t want please? I’m in S Manchester but travel a lot with work.



    Premier Icon stevemorg2

    In Cardiff – I’ll send my mate a link

    Got a Da Bomb molotov 2 jump bike frame in 14″. If your little ‘un doesn’t like it you can build it up yourself for a play bike trail centre machine.

    Email in profile

    The Rookie

    Have a 15″ Marin Point Reyes hybrid frame for sale with seatpost, nice and light, will rake forks upto 100mm.

    £45 delivered – email addy in profile

    Just get an Isla Bike best out there for kids

    Andy & the Rookie – many thanks but I think i’m sorted.

    Superhondaman – thanks for the recommendation – strictly speaking the little one doesn’t need 26 inch wheels so she’ll be on an Airlight alloy thing for a bit with 24 inch wheels. Also it’s a bit of a csot thing as I’m also pursuing emigration to NZ.

    Thanks all


Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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