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  • XJ series Jeep headlight quandry
  • We’ve got an XJ-series Jeep, and the other day hit a bird which smashed the driver’s side headlamp unit. I ordered a set of replacement projector units and have managed to fit the passenger side fine. The drivers side mounting assembly is properly gubbed though. I’ve managed to get the projector unit in but I now appear to be missing two springs, which going by the other side are to hold the headlamp in position once the beam has been set. One of the adjustment screws has been damaged as well.

    I’ve had a look at getting another headlight mounting assembly, but none of the one’s I’ve seen online look like the ones in our car. The ones online have the left/right adjustment screw on the wrong side, the chrome headlamp surround is mounted differently, and there doesn’t appear to be an up/down adjustment screw. Any ideas what I should be looking for, or do I have no option other than getting my pants pulled down for a new unit from the local Jeep stealership?

    Ta in advance.

    It’s a 60th Anniversary Cherokee Sport, if that helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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