XFusion Fork Lower service tool.

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  • XFusion Fork Lower service tool.
  • Hello everyone,

    Unable to buy the official xfusion tool (and the ones floating around for a tenner or so weren’t as good) I got my father to manufacture this. It works the same as the xfusion one. The wide end is for pulling the upper through the fork lower leg, and the thin end for tapping it out. Both ends are threaded as below. Made out of solid Brass.


    On the forums there was confusion over the thread sizes so here they are below for future reference if any one needs them.

    32tpi (threads per inch) x 8.33mm or 0.324″ or 21/64″


    Nice one. I got the one the distributor sells, but haven’t got round to using it yet.

    Yeah it works really well. 🙂 Its a nightmare doing a service without the tool.

    The one I got is not much more than a threaded tube with a hex key glow at the other end, enough to screw on and tap it out and then wind it back through. It’s not the one on the X-Fusion video which looks more like what you’ve made.

    Premier Icon duncancallum

    Oooh. Go on how much would he charge to make one?


    The tool in the video looked over elaborate. I just used a socket slid over the adjustets to tap the damper loose on my metric.
    I can’t think how the threaded end would have helped putting it back together.


    Oldtalent when you strip the fragile alu footnut you’ll understand the utility of the tool!

    I got away with using the nut for 2 services and stripped it on the 3rd. 2 months to get a replacement

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    X-Fusion make great value-for-money products but are doing an awful job of after sales service. I know service dealers that are waiting months for spare parts. They will sadly kill their business if they carry on the way the are.

    Maybe Jim. I took my Trace apart as I wanted the extra 10mm lift due to striking rocks and stumps as I have a low BB. I could of increased pressure but that would of spoilt the fork for me.

    I was hoping to take it to 130mm from 120mm but unfortunately my Trace only went up in 20mm increments (so taking it to 140mm was pushing it too much and would of invalidated my warranty anyhow.

    No criticism of the fork as its been absolutely brilliant on the trails (I previously owned a Slide). I like the one piece unicrown and the inside of them are very simple and well put together (apart from requiring the special tool). Most of it guts are metal based (very little plastic) so they look like they will last a long time (assuming you can get the service kits)

    Unfortunate as I now own a 130mm Yari. The XFusion forks a keeper though as I love it and will probably build up a Hardtail again at some point.

    duncancallum Sorry sadly no plans to make any more. I did ask him to knock a few more up as I thought it would be a good idea to help others out on here in the same boat. But he doesn’t seem too keen on making any more. I guess it was more of a challenge for him to manufacture one than produce a load. I’ve posted the thread size above so why not have a have a crack at making your own?

    Chrishc777 you’ve got in one!

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    What’s wrong with the simple X Fusion tool that Upgrade sells for a tenner? I know it’s not pro workshop grade, but presumably it does the job?


    Nothing wrong with it at all. I just wanted to have a tool similar to the one Xfusion use in their service video.

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    I think that looks great OP. I don’t even have X-Fusion forks, I just like a nice bit of creativity! Looks very well made.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Nothing wrong with it at all. I just wanted to have a tool similar to the one Xfusion use in their service video.

    I was asking only because I’m about to reduce the travel on a pair of Sweeps and have one of the X Fusion tools sat in my toolbox but not used yet. Was wondering if this is all about aesthetics and a small gain in functionality. Anyway, thanks. Nice tool… 🙂

    Cheers chaps. The tool you have is absolutely fine BadlyWiredDog, I nearly bought one until my Dad offered to manufacture it. The benefit is I don’t need the Allen key in the end.

    For a tenner its great that Upgrade/18 bikes etc are able to offer something Xfusion should of provided from the start.

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    Any chance of a drawing with dimensions?
    Got a wee bit of brass in my locker

    Trekster I’ll see what I can sort. Give me a few days or so.

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    rumbledethumps – to get 130mm travel i think u just need to set the pin at 140mm travel and then put a 10mm spacer before the pin. That will drop it from 140mm to 130mm. Well, thats what you do with a Slant.

    see this link

    Hi Pembo cheers for that. I did see mention of the spacer when I was looking before but couldn’t source one at the time. I’ll bookmark this page so thanks!

    @ Trekster

    As promised try the below…There is an error on my scribble I did. The 32 tpi x 8.35 should be 32 tpi x 8.33. thread depth is about 15mm-18mm.

    The sketch ain’t great (I’m no draughtsman!)

    Give it a go…. 🙂

    The middle is knurled for grip and the chamfers are purely cosmetic if you are wondering.


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