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  • XC/Trail HT frame options (used stealth wanted Ad!)
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    So, I have an On One 45650b set up SS. Love riding it for local stuff, but its a bit heavy and one of the rear dropouts looks like it is becoming slightly distorted and I’m not sure the QR is fully holding the wheel securely.

    So, toying with the idea of a used replacement frame and swapping the parts over. Thinking a lighter aluminium frame would work, and edge it a bit more towards an XC/trail bike. Looking for:

    – Alu frame
    – ability to run 120-140mm forks
    – playful yet confident geometry, so 65-67° HA.
    – 650b wheels.
    – cheap ish (under £150 for the frame)

    What should I be looking for? An original Bird Zero would fit the bill. Anything else I should be scouring ebay, gumtree and the classifieds for? Anyone got anything they’d be interested in moving on?


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    Sonder transmitter if you can find one secondhand would be spot on

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    Yep, like the Transmitter, although don’t particularly want to run plus wheels/tyres.

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