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  • GregMay

    Anyone got any XC skis sitting the the attic they want rid of for super cheap? Boots and poles would be handy also 🙂

    Ht: 180cm
    Wt: 80kg (on a good day)
    Size 9 foots (43)

    Another set for partner also would be good

    Ht: 155cm
    Wt: 65kg (on a good day)
    Size 5 foots (38)


    I have some normal skis, bindings and poles that I probably won’t use again but not sure if that’s what you mean?
    Do you mean cross country ski’s? I think you probably do!
    They’ve only been used for 3 weeks of skiing
    I’m a bit taller than you at 6ft but a similar weight.
    What do you mean by cheap?
    Not really interested in shipping but am in North East if its any use?
    Email in profile if any interest


    Nope XC skis, have down hill skis in the shed at home 🙂 Thanks though!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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