X King vs. Race King.. Which Front Tyre?

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  • X King vs. Race King.. Which Front Tyre?
  • onionmk

    I’ve been looking for a set of fast rolling tyres for my rigid MTB. I’ve decided to go with continental race kings on the rear but I’m still undecided on the front tyre. I ride mostly roads so low rolling resistance is important, but it is worth mentioning I hit the trails every now and then. The X king + Race king combo seems like it would be fun on the trails but I’m worried it will slow me down noticeably on the road. Race kings front and back seem appealing but look as though they will lack grip on the trails, especially when conditions are less favourable. Either case would lead to disappointment in one way or another! Has anyone tried these tyres or anything similar? Anyone been in the same situtation? Any ideas as to what combination I should go for? Any input is appreciated.. Thanks!

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    I ran the X-King/Race King combo (29er 2.0s, I think) on an XC race bike earlier this year and was pleasantly surprised. The X-Kings do roll well- and any pavement drag was overshadowed by the ability to corner pretty aggressively on the trail. For me, control > speed any day.



    I run a 2.4 x king front and 2.2 race king rear on my commute/xc bike.
    Loving it so far, the race King is super fast rolling and the x king is a bit slower but gives me the confidence the front grip is there when it does go offroad.

    Considering another race king for the front but think i would miss the x king when things get a bit more slippery.


    Ideally the front tyre should have the Black Chili compound


    Thanks for the replies. Do the X kings help with control on the road or is it just on the trail? Also, what are they both like in wet weather? I’m almost about to pull the trigger on the X kings but would like to get a few more details.


    2.2 Race King is a much bigger volume tyre than the 2.2 x-King.

    I’m in the camp that bigger volume at lower psi is better that skinny at high psi for racing (or any riding) – based on riding a higher proportion of technical trail rather than buff trail.

    So, Wiggle’s combo would be the only way you’d want to mix those tyres imo.
    X-king at 2.4 is still a fast tyre.

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    From someone who runs a RaceKing on the back, there is no way I would run one on the front, no way in the world. Far to slippy for me.


    X king rolls fast enough for a front, especially the BC version. Grip is good, only clogs in thick mud.

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