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  • Premier Icon iainc

    Just got a pair in 120mm guise on new Soul. Only had 2 rides so far and bought them after a mate went for the 29’er Slide, which is much the same. First impressions : well built, nice finish, very tight (they do say that they take 30 hrs to free up as seals have tight tolerance) , good rebound adjust. I am running them about 20psi below reccomended at the moment, and am pretty pleased with them. Mate reckons after 10 rides they get better and better and tbh they are good out the box, so pleased with purchase


    Thinking of taking the plunge on a pair of these. Anyone got any experiences of the new version?
    I will also accept reviews of the 2012 version, I’ve done a search and not a lot has been said about them long term.



    Anyone else with any other views, pics?

    Premier Icon mrhoppy

    I’ve got a pair of 140s on my Bandit and they’re great so far, still breaking in but appear to have decent initial action but with good mid stroke support. Light weight, feel fairly stiff for what they are and simple (in a good way).


    I’ve had a set of Velvets for the last year and think they’re great. I also prefer the damping to the 2 pairs of Pikes and the Revelations I’ve owned.

    Gratuitous bike shot 🙂

    Premier Icon jes

    Just got the 2013 140mm DLA version for the HT.
    Not been that impressed with any of the RS forks I’ve had compared Fox’s but didn’t want to spend Fox money on a HT, so thought I would try a pair of these.

    Only three rides in at present but pretty pleased so far.
    They are light, with reasonable stiffness and I really like syntace X-15 over the RS 20 mm axle.
    Pretty plush out of the box, air pressure was set at the top end of the stated range but in theory is correct my weight, feels a bit soft to how I normally run forks but I haven’t bottomed them out yet, will see how they fair when I start running them a bit harder.
    There is no compression damping adjustment, but they do have a lockout switch.
    The rebound was set to the max slow position when received and needed tweaking to about the mid point, the DLA version has a two height position adjustment.
    Also appreciate the brake cable clamp (as per Fox) over the RS option of a cable tie bodge.
    Based on my first impressions with the Velvets I am very interested to see how a pair of Vengeance compare to a set of 36’s.

    Premier Icon iainc

    you asked for pictures ? 😛


    Got dual position Slants on my Remedy, running them lower than suggested but very pleased with them-replaced Lyriks. Aslo had some 130 Velvets last week on a new 650b and they are excellent striaght from the box!


    If your interested and they fit fine ive got a set of the 2012 which have been used for 2 rides you can buy them off me if you like with a pretty hefty discount not even fully worn in. they are in white and as new. going 29er all round now so no need for 26 forks.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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