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  • Not as good as Fox, but then people will tell you fox are way behind the competition, then others will tell you that only coil will do.

    In reality a good shock is probably worth a good few seconds, but then we’re a good few seconds off winning any races so…………..

    X-fusion = ford focus ST

    Fox = mitsubishi EVO

    RS vivid = Aston DB9

    CCDB = Bugatti Veryron


    Jury still out on the build and damping quality I reckon.


    X-Fusion = 1.6 hyundi coupe more like!


    Has anyone used one? Opinions



    I have an O2 and a Glyde RL on single-pivot 5-inch frames and am very pleased with them.
    O2 is a very simple shock with only air-pressure variable.
    Glyde RL has a 300lb/inch spring with preload and rebound-to-lockout variables.

    No hesitation to get more, escpecially when they come up for a song on ebay.



    Has anybody got the one with adjustable compression damping instead of platform?

    Only thing that concerns me is getting them serviced/replacements seals etc.

    Premier Icon tomaso

    Well I’ve had mine a whole 3 months of riding in the Lakes and its holding up fine. In a fit and forget kind a way it gets on and does the job. Perhaps I got lucky on the set up as there ain’t a lot to adjust on my Pitch.

    Premier Icon Jase_MK

    Got an O2rc on my FSR, been on for 18 months with no probs really. Adjustable damping seems to work well. I knackered the thread on the air valve (my fault) and got a replacement from the x-Fusion importers/dealers. They were pretty helpful and can handle all servicing if necessary.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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