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  • X-Fusion Hilo, anyone using one??
  • Premier Icon timthetinyhorse

    On the prowl for a dropper post and idealy i would have liked a reverb but the price may be a wee bit too high for the wife to be buying me for xmas what with new houses etc so i have been looking at the X-Fusion Hilo.

    I have read reviews online and they are very mixed, anyone on here using one??

    Also what is the length from insertion line to rail clamp??



    I’ve been using a 27.2mm one for nearly a year with no problems, I just clean it after every ride and put a bit of oil on it and it has been great.

    Premier Icon paladin

    I’ve got a 27.2 hilo on order, couldn’t find one in stock anywhere at a decent price.
    The price is certainly OK and it gets good reviews.


    ive got a 27.2 for sale if you are interested


    Lester. YGM

    Premier Icon cookeaa

    I’ve been using a 27.2 / 100mm drop one for over two years now. It has needed to be “home serviced” a couple of times:

    useful guide here.

    The HiLo is not too complex or tought to maintain, but for my next dropper I think it’s going to have to be a Gravity Dropper.


    I’ve got one. It’s brilliant and very reliable. This is my second one. Selling it now to get an all black Hilo.

    Premier Icon FOG

    My son has one and has had problems setting it up. It has been difficult to get a reasonable return rate despite doing all the things suggested in the on line set up guide. Not a patch on my Reverb but he was limited by a 27.2 seat post.

    Premier Icon mattjng

    I have been running one for 2 years, it’s been great. Only problem is that it appears to have welded itself into my steel frame so I can not get it out. I am weighing up which is worth more, the frame or the post, so I can decide which to cut when I have to remove it.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    I’m on my 2nd one after the first went back under warranty.

    The 1st one would creep down when I was sat on the saddle, the only way to get it to return would be to press the remote or pull the under saddle lever.

    Also the remote went rattly and horrid really quickly.

    The 2nd one (which is the mk2 version) seems much better.
    They have changed the lever to the same type as Crank Brothers use.
    The have changed the valving inside as it returns quicker at the top of it’s travel rather than taking an age to return that last 15mm at the top.

    However, it’s still a faff to add the required 25 psi as you have to hold the remote lever open whilst pressurising it. You will end up losing a bit of oil when you pressurise it as some stays in the Schraeder valve.

    I don’t think they put enough oil in it from new on my second one as it had some squidgyness at full extension. This seems to have been solved by adding more suspension fluid. Bit of a faff but not the end of the world.

    Have a look on MTBR for more reviews/opinions.

    Premier Icon christhetall

    Given a choice between a HiLo and a Reverb, I’d say pay the extra and get the reverb. I’ve got a Hilo on one bike because it’s a 27.2, and it’s been very disappointing so far – squeaking, slipping, not returning etc etc. I’m sure with effort I could resolve these problems, but the reverb worked perfectly straight out of the box.

    Premier Icon BillOddie

    I’ll add that the only reason I have a Hilo rather than a Reverb is the 27.2 seat tube on my old ragley.

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