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  • I_Ache

    Adjustable travel air forks are always going to be harsher than solo air forks due to the air chamber size being smaller.

    Does anyone have experience of the X-Fusion DLA system, on the Velvet forks? I want the 140mm Velvet but can only find the DLA model in stock in the UK.

    I’ve read various posts that say the Fox Talas is not as good a fork as the Fox Float, so wonder if there is a similar downside to the X-Fusion DLA system?

    Of course this is based on me being quite happy to have a non-length adjustable fork.

    Grateful for your views.


    I have the slant DLA which is 160mm to 130mm.

    I find it pretty useful for steep climbs. Feels a bit odd having the front of the bike drop down a bit tho 🙂


    I have a Slant DLA and it’s superb in every way, much plusher than previous Talas forks I’ve had. Would recommend.

    170/140mm Vengeance here.

    Soooo plush and smooth, I can’t imagine not having the DLA would make them any more so


    Just back from a ride on 140mm Velvet DLAs. I’ve been using a pair for several months now, and they’re an excellent fork. The DLA feature gets used all the time, and the lock-out is genuinely locked-out. It makes a huge difference for climbing.

    Tuning the fork to your riding style takes time, and can be a bit frustrating, but once dialled in, they live up to their velvety name. I’ve hammered them on some pretty hard-core terrain, and they haven’t let me down yet. I’m happy to let rip with them into anything nasty.

    In terms of performance, I’d put them alongside higher end Rockshox forks.

    Premier Icon jes

    Running 140 mm Velvet DLA on a HT, much plusher than a 36 Talas, fairly stiff for a 32 mm fork and surprisingly capable, I would rate them over a pair of U-turn Lyriks I ran on a previous HT.
    Function of the height adjustment works on the operation of the lever unlike Talas which require a pump of the forks, use it quite a bit.
    Don’t use the lockout that much, but a mentioned above they are quite solid.
    Awesome fork for the money.


    Got the Slant DLA were loving them till the rebound cartridge went bang 🙁 Though being warrantied with no quibble 🙂

    I do seem to be unlucky with forks though.

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