Wyedean Rally at FoD Sat. 9th Feb.

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  • Wyedean Rally at FoD Sat. 9th Feb.
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    The Wyedean Forest Rally takes place this coming Saturday in and around the Forest of Dean.

    Just a heads-up really for anyone planning on riding in the area on Saturday and for anyone who likes to spectate or combine riding with spectating.

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    Bumping for the mid-week crowd 8)


    Just to add to this, a message from peddleabikeaway:

    Trails closed Saturday 9th Feb.
    Just a reminder to everyone that all trails in Sallowvallets (plus the Family Trail) are officially closed on Saturday for the Wyedean car rally


    I went to watch it for the first time last year, with a good scattering of snow and ice, it was a great event.

    There were a few of us cycling from one stage to another, for me it was a great mixture of riding, photography and retro and modern rally car spotting.

    Worth getting there early if you are driving and looking for a parking space.



    I went up there to ride one year without realising it was on. You really can’t ride the trails as the rally goes along the fire road halfway up. And they’re not going to stop if they come across you. Luckily we pottered over to Cwmcarn instead

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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