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  • trail_rat

    I have a friend of a friend got in touch about coming to the uk from the USA for a “find my self” trip …. no idea.

    anyway they were asking if the uk had any place like the new zealand system of willing workers on organic farms (wwoofs) where you work on the farm for food and board.

    Where better to turn than the font of all knowledge ……but that failed so i came here instead 😉

    Anyone know of anything in uk – scotland better but anywhere fine.

    i didnt think our tax laws would lend its self well to a system like this but it would be nice if they did exist.

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    Do Theresa May and IDS know about your friend’s plans to come over here and take our organic farm jobs, taking benefits and displacing UK workers?

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    He should be able to get something with eco house builders

    something along these lines.

    Workaway website

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    WWOOF UK website link about immigration/visas

    No idea if this is any use.

    I worked with someone a few years ago who liked to wwoof, but only ever did it outside the UK IIRC.

    yeah the wwoof website lists all the places that offer it. also try helpx for the same thing but building not farming. depending who he ends up with he will either be bored of worked to death

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    Black Isle brewery take wwoofers

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    Findhorn Foundation maybe t_r; though they’re fully-functioning business as much as a cuddly organic farm..

    FWIW, although it wasn’t an organic farm, my father did something similar – in NZ – he evacuated from Glasgow to Dunedin (S Island) in 1940 (seems a long way to go!!) and in the school holidays, worked on various farms in S Island – he kept in touch with the farmers and indeed with several of his co-workers (I’ve continued to keep in touch).


    Cheers folks, have passed on the info – at least gives em a start, kcal it was nz i first heard of wwoof’s

    Like the sound of black isle brewery 🙂

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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