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  • WTF fork failure
  • I can’t work out what those photos are of! The top ones look like a tube split in 2, but only 2cm long and the bottom ones look like a steerer that isn’t attached to a crown but have a weirdass shadow thingie like a really thin lefty crown … please explain


    Well is the thing on the paper the rebound shaft?


    Failed air piston to air rod roll pin , moved out of position before scratching the c**p out of the sealing surface of the air leg .


    being RLT they cant be that old… strong possibility of this being a warranty issue

    I’m looking for some replacement SID RLT uppers after this happened


    foxman wins the prize – a pair of very heavy rigid forks!!!!!

    SRAM say they need a receipt (got them here) and must be less than 2 years old


    That’s a new one, not seen an air piston roll pin split like that before, had the previous owner been ‘modifying’ them in some way?

    I was surprised! it didn’t look like the air spring had been apart – no marks on 24mm cap, usual red grease………. what mods to make to a piston head??

    Maybe if the [poor quality] pin was installed with joint at 3 o’clock position it just fatigue cracked on the other side?


    @LoCo – have one going through the Fishers’ warranty setup right now. OEM Reba fitted to a Whyte. Not seen it before either, but now there’s two!


    Same thing happend to my Reba’s, I swapped the air and damper round. Works fine despite the damper stanction not being honed on the inside.

    Mark that’s a great idea, why didn’t I think of that? don’t suppose you know the size of the air piston o ring?? cheers

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    SRAM say they need a receipt (got them here) and must be less than 2 years old

    Warranty is for original owner only, unless the original owner wants to do you a favour then just sent them to Loco/Fisher/TF for a fix.

    didn’t want to run the risk of throwing good money after bad

    LATEST – no help from SRAM, distributor, LBS (where’s the profit in that)

    dvatcmark saved the day and now i’ve swapped the spring/damper over forks are working again. WINNER.

    probably still looking for replacement SID/Reba uppers though – 220mm straight steerer……………….

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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