WTD: Short (Retro?) Rigid Forks & 26.8 Black Seatpost

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  • WTD: Short (Retro?) Rigid Forks & 26.8 Black Seatpost
  • As above, after the following for the wifes new semi-retro hack.

    – rigid forks. 1.125″ steerer. Ideally black but would consider any other colours and they’re going on an old skool frame so short (~420 A-C). Doesn’t need disc mounts as going to be running V-brakes and good condition please. Steerer length relatively unimportant as the frame is teeny tiny so can have something crazy like ~150mm at a push. Maybe less so try me!

    – 26.8mm black seatpost. Something half decent please and a good (400mm+) length.

    Cash waiting or can swap/px any of my stuff for sale (big for sale thread coming tonight hopefully).



    Is 395mm axle to crown too short? I have a black chromoly fork (curved blade) that I’ve never used in that length 1 1/8th, long threadless steerer, canti bosses

    Premier Icon nt80085

    Cannondale Pepperoni forks

    £60 posted including PP fee’s or let me know what you’ve got for sale, im after a rear 26″ wheel pref hope hub and rigid forks (disc mount).


    sworl – can I get pics of those please? Will have a measure and try and figure out whether they’ll be too short. Any idea on weight?

    Nick – as much I’d love some Pepperonis (had a set a long time ago and they don’t weigh anything!), I think fat alloy forks would look odd on a skinny steel frame and they’re a bit rich for this build – its just for the missus to hack about on.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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