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  • WTD road bike 57/58 cm
  • pop larkin

    Looking for a road bike to hook upto a turbo with the occasional foray outside being the plan
    Budget upto £350 max
    Based midlands


    Ive got a 57cm Bianchi Nirone. Its had 4 years of year round riding/commute duties. It could do with a new BB, the gears adjusting and some new brake pads but otherwise its fine. Going cheap at £230 plus post.

    pop larkin

    Hi Creg
    Got any photos- addie in profile cheers


    I’ve only got a couple of old ones but I will take some fresh ones tomorrow and send them over.

    Ah damn I totally forgot, the bar tape is a bit knackered too. I used to park it in a shed at work and the pub cat had a bit of a go at it 🙄


    If your interested I have a very eye catching cyclocross bike. You could hook it up to the turbo, take it out on the road, or even have some off-road fun all from one bike!!!

    It’s a Dolan multi cross frame professionally resprayed in fluro pink or yellow (I have 2 bikes that are identical, apart from the colour) full 10speed tiagra group set. I could even chuck a spare back wheel in for use on the turbo!
    Since been built I’ve used the bike for a total of 1hour!!

    Let me know if your interested and I could get some pics for you. I am also in the midlands (Walsall)


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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