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  • Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    I’m after a driveside spoke for an old Mavic Crossmax XL rear wheel – part number is M40717 and I think they’re 250mm long.

    No longer sold as far as I can see, but it seems a shame to write off a perfectly functional if battered wheel for the sake of a single spoke.

    So if anyone has one or more going spare, please shout. Thanks.

    The Rookie

    Have some 275mm straight pull plain guage Mavic spokes you could get cut/rethreaded? £1 each plus £2.50 P&P (including a piece of wood to keep them straight!)

    email addy in profile.

    Premier Icon BadlyWiredDog

    Thanks for the offer, but I’ve managed to track some down. They’re fat Zircal alloy things, I don’t think you could bodge one convincingly due to the way they’re put together, captive threaded nipple etc.



    on the weekend I bent some spokes on my crossmax xl, now I had to find out that this ones are sold out, has somebody maybe some lying around?
    rear wheel drive side – part number is M40717 and they’re 250mm long.

    Thanks a lot,


    Hi, I know it was some time ago that this was posted but I have a load of these spokes for Mavic Crossmax XL – I bought the entire stock of the only shop I could find that had them a few years ago! I have now binned the wheels so the spokes are for sale.

    I have:

    8 new drive side (250mm long) spokes
    2 used drive side spokes

    4 new spokes for the non-drive side (270mm long)
    2 used spokes for the non-drive side

    I’m selling the whole lot together – not willing to split I’m afraid or I’ll be posting these things forever! They cost me £4 each giving a total of £48 for the new ones(I know – for spokes!!) Anyway, you can have the lot posted for £25.

    I am also going to post them on the fore sale board so please be quick if you want em,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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