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  • Wtd. Long travel hardtails..Any bargains out there?
  • tymbian

    Seen any bargains lately or possibly have one yourself for sale?

    Yep mine . depending on your budget .



    Thanks but I’m goin to keep it real with some steel. The C456 didn’t get good reviews on Bikeradar.. I also should of put in the title ‘ Frame only ‘… Where the **** is the Edit button?


    2010 review: excellent, comfy, great ride

    2012 review: harsh,unforgiving, disappointment.

    Have the frames changed AT ALL?

    (sorry for the hijack)

    2010 review: makes sense.

    2012 review: describes a frame whose problems can’t happen at the same time, like slating a car for being too small AND really difficult to fit into parking spaces. Embarrassingly idiotic and should be ignored.

    The frame is still as good as it ever was, despite the slightly odd sizing (16″ is v long but 18″ and 20″ are hardly any longer). (I don’t own a Carbon 456 but I almost bought one a couple of years ago).


    I loved my 2012 C456. I HIGHLY rate it too anyone tempted into it. Mine was super stiff but forgiving when it needed too be too. Rode amazingly well and is really overbuilt so you won’t break it unless you wreck it.


    Chromag apertures are going for 350 at the mo….a guy posted a link on here yesterday…

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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