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  • Premier Icon Andy R

    17″ or 18″, 1996 or 1997 so Columbus Max OR tubes.
    Cosmetics immaterial, as it’ll be refinished anyway, but no major dents, chainsuck damage, ovalised headtubes or that sort of stuff.


    You want one like this?

    Well… actually not like this since it doesn’t fit your requirements.

    Cosmetics immaterial – oh yes, no garage queen here
    but no major dents – er… massive dent in top tube
    chainsuck damage – no, but the chainstay snapped at the dropout so I got some horizontal dropouts put on.
    ovalised headtubes or that sort of stuff – I added a braze on for good rear V-brake routing. Bottom bracket needs PTFE tape to stay tight. Paint removed from headtube area and bottom bracket while checking cracks to confirm it was only the paint… Headset trollied but was glued in with araldite many years ago. I’m dreading taking it out when it needs replaced.

    Braze work was painted with Hammerite but now rusting nicely. Imean… why would you want an old frame to look good? It’s patina, and it’s all my own work :mrgreen:

    Note – bike/frame not for sale… nor will it ever be. Either I kill this once and for all or it will outlive me 😈

    Premier Icon Andy R

    I’ve already got one like yours – 1995, was the same colour but now blue.
    Ideally I’m after the ’96 or ’97 for another project as they have slightly more tyre clearance and the ’97 is full Columbus and has different dropouts that aren’t so prone to breaking.
    Having said that, the’95 that I have is fine (that’ll be me jinxed then…)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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