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  • WTD: Cycling buddies to come to Paris in July
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    On the 14th July I intend to leave Bath (not forever) and cycle to Paris a mere 234 miles away. I’m thinking its four days there, or if my legs will make it three days!

    Day 1: Leave Bath and head east towards somewhere*
    Day 2: Leave somewhere and head to towards lovely New Haven, sleep somewhere!
    Day 3: Once arriving on French soil I intended to cycle very quickly on their superior cycle route (Green Avenue) for a far as my legs will carry me, sleep somewhere (not a ditch, but maybe camping)
    Day 4: Much the same as Day 2 but hopefully ending up in Paris with a big tasty steak and frites some well deserved Beer and a snooze.
    Day 5: Jump on the train back to Blighty!

    * I understand that the plan is a bit rough at the edges but that makes it more exciting

    Firstly any assistance you can offer along the way (tea, cakes, beer, bed) would be amazing secondly if you want to join me please come along. If you dont want to come along or cant offer any hospitality please consider making a donation to a charity of your choice! If you want to sponsor me in order to raise money for Barnardo’s help to try to reduce child poverty in the UK please let me know.

    Contact details:

    “Charity of your choice” Nice call, consider it done.

    Good luck with the ride,


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    bumped to the morning crowd!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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