Wtd: Cheap Seatpost, forks, headset and rear wheel – HT 2nd bike build

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  • Wtd: Cheap Seatpost, forks, headset and rear wheel – HT 2nd bike build
  • Premier Icon ponngoe

    Got a spesh 30.9 seatpost if any good?

    Premier Icon luffy105

    sorry ponngoe, thanks for the quick reply… i believe the old Soul is a 27.2 seatpost though.

    thanks though


    Marzocchi Z3 Bomber Forks 80mm that came with a Kona Caldera (circa 2003). Well used, so usual scuffs, cable rub, etc. Stanchions clear. Seals fine. Disc or V brake compatible.
    £45 ono plus postage

    Any good?


    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Got and Azonic 27.2 silver seat post you could have for £15 posted?

    Though it ain’t a lightweight! and a bit rough where its been in a frame.

    oh and an FSA headset for an extra £10? I forget what model. Will mail you pics tomorrow eve when im back home.

    Premier Icon luffy105

    Thanks for looking

    I am trying to learn how to maintain my bikes properly and also want a decent yet low-key bike to go out with my kids locally and can leave chained up without attracting unwanted attention.

    With this in mind I have bought a well used Cotic Soul frame and am going to build it from the frame up with spare parts that i have lying around and also can source on here.

    Right now, I need;
    Forks – cheap as possible. rigid or suspension. can look tatty – QR & disc mount.

    Headset – I believe the cotic soul is 1.125″ (correct me if I’m wrong but that is 1 1/8?)

    Possibly a rear wheel? 26″ qr for disc brakes.

    As mentioned, cheap cheap is the order of the day so not looking for super shiny fox forks or a chris king headset. Rather good quality used and older kit that is gathering dust but doesnt deserve to be chucked away. I’m not bothered by scratches as long as they don’t impede performance

    please either drop me a line here or on stwmarc@outlook.com



    Hi mate, got some qr disc wheels with rotors, also a 27.2 seatpost and some Easton monkey bars. Email in profile if you want details.


    Got a set of Suntour 100mm qr Forks and 620mm Bars and 27.2 seat post laying in shed never used as taken off wifes bikes

    £65 posted the lot

    Email in profile

    Also DMR v8 Pedals, 90mm Stem, Shimano Brake and gear combination set, Sram or shimano Casssette and Chain work but ok if all used together.

    £100 the lot posted!

    Email in profile

    Premier Icon luffy105

    Hi all, thanks for all the posts! sorry for the tardy reply but ive been away for a couple of days .

    will look through it all and reply. Cheers again for taking the time to reply though, much appreciated!

    Premier Icon luffy105

    Hi all,

    back in the land of the living. Johnny, as per email i’ll let you know about the wheels.

    Having discussed the forks with a trusted friend of mine he has convinced me to spend a little more on the forks so will re-visit that. so Injured and rob, thanks for the offers but think i will pass on this for now.

    Tom, please can I have a pic of the headset and the seatpost pls? How long is the seatpost?

    cheers all, and thanks again for replying!

    Rob: how much do you want for the V8’s?

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