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  • Premier Icon buck53

    Hi Gang,

    My road bike was stolen last week and I have had to build up an old frame and cannibalise parts from my MTB to have something to get me in to work.

    As a consequence I’m looking for some cheap parts to put back on my MTB to keep me going until I can buy something half decent in a few months. With the time of year and after buying parts to build up the hack I’ve basically got no money to put into this but can’t stand to be without a bike to ride for fun, so I’m looking for as cheap as possible. Tatty/heavy/unfashionable doesn’t matter, as long as it’s functional, the cheaper the better.

    I’m in need of the following:

    QR wheel set

    I can’t promise I’ll be able to take everything (or indeed anything offered) but I’ll consider everything.


    Premier Icon mrhoppy

    I’ve got 3×9 shifters & mechs (deore), a 9 speed cassette (sram 990 I think) and a chain. I could do the whole lot for £25 posted.


    Hi, I have a old Truvativ stylo crank and some old ritchey wcs wheels with 9sd cassestte. Wheels need bearing replaced and cranks are fairly worn but useable. Okay for a heck looking for around £75 for the lot. Drop me a email if interested…

    Premier Icon Steelsreal

    I have the running gar from a 2011 carrera subway so road biased nut all fit an MTB..

    2x 8 set up

    SR chainset with BB
    SRAM shifters
    SRAM Cassette (will check ratios)
    SRAM rear mech
    Brand new in box 8 speed chain (KMC)
    Sure I have a front mech too…

    Not used that much at all,

    Probaly looking at £45 posted??

    email in profile

    Premier Icon chainslapp

    YGM ref wheels.


    I Have a near new sram 9 speed 11-34 cassette you can have for postage
    Think i have a HT2 BB as well that’s had very little use as i went ceramic.
    shimano triple front mech like new.
    Just pay the postage for the three as i won’t be using them again.

    Premier Icon buck53

    Thanks for the offers so far everyone, have e-mailed some of you.


    Mailed you back buck


    I’ve got some XT M760 cranks, granny, middle and E13 bash. £45 posted. Some XT 9 speed shifters for £20 too if you’re in need.

    Probs got a chain and LX cassette for that lot too that i’ll throw in.

    £65 the lot to your door.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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