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  • mbqwerty

    I’m looking for a cheap wheelset for a second set of wheels to run street tyres on so I don’t completely destroy my nice sticky minion/high-roller combo. Previously I’d have just taken the tyres on and off but it’s getting to be somewhat of a pain and with the nice new wheelset I’ve just bought I don’t want to chip away at the rims.

    (My old forks/wheels were all QR so aren’t compatible). My old rear wheel is fine so mainly looking for a 20mm front, but part of me would obviously like a nice matching wheelset for the road.

    Doesn’t matter if it’s a bit bashed around, as long as they’re pretty true and the bearings at least turn, I’ll consider

    Now this is a luxury item for me to have a second wheelset, so I’m not to upset if I don’t find one, but it’s worth checking with you good folks at STW to see if anyone has a set at the back of their shed/garage!


    pair of Sunn ditch witch black rims on shimano rear hub QR and Hope front hub 20mm. All black wheelset, run perfectly true bearings are pretty good from memory. £55 posted
    Email collins8us AT hotmail DOT com


    got a front DT swiss xr400 on Hope Hoop hub which can be converted to 20mm with hope adapter..


    Any more out there, g123456 could well be interested, the forks I’m getting these for haven’t arrived yet but fingers crossed soon!

    Premier Icon teethgrinder

    Front wheel…20mm ringle supadupahubbabubba on mavic 321. Bomb proof. Bearings grumble a bit but can’t hear it feel it on the bike.
    Looking for 40 quid plus post.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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