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  • Swiftacular

    Whereabouts are you?

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    I’m on the scrounge!

    Two of my nephews are starting to get into a bit of biking accompanying yours truly for a few rides and enjoying it – in particular the mud! However they are riding supermarket specials and now want things like disc brakes and gears that work…! My sister is mid-divorce so money is scarce.

    I’ve managed to get a bargain Giant terrago disc for one of ’em but the other now wants a new bike even more…. My sister is also hassling me to find her a new bike to go out with them!

    So anybody got anything of use in their shed they want rid of? Old complete bikes? Frames? Bits? Anything might be handy…..

    Nephew without a bike is 11 so a small adult bikes will work. My sister is quite tall so probably a medium? Free or dirt cheap is best…

    I can pick stuff up / pay postage / fettle / bodge.

    Mail: pete [at] mountainbikerides.co.uk



    PS The youngest of the two was impressed with Sam Pilgrim when I took them to Bike Radar …. he then got his skateboard little plastic ramp thingy out and proceeded to crash attempting a jump on his bike and smashed his helmet in half! So maybe roughty toughty jump/freeride/downhill stuff would be good? 😮

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre

    East Mids: Leics / Notts area

    Premier Icon Mad Pierre


    So no-one got anything?

    I sent you an e-mail regarding 2004 Drop-Offs that I want to shift to get something a bit more flash last night.

    I would like £85 posted for them. They have recently been serviced and are ideal for jumping around. The rebound is fixed and they have adjustable preload. Springs are soft.

    If your nephews break these I will be surprised as these are pre-Taiwan Zocchis and these have been pushed really hard at Aston Hill. These are basic forks, but have years of life left. The only damage is cosmetic scratches to the lowers (lots of).

    130mm travel, 195mm steerer.

    I also have a front Deore brake that I will throw in (no rotor or mount). It’s no use to me. The reservoir cap needs replacing (a few pounds) as the screws are rounded off and it needs a proper bleed, best done Avid-style or by a bike shop job as it’s pretty bad, the pistons don’t move as there’s so much air in them. I’ll throw it in for free with the fork, or if you only want that, £5 to cover P+P should do (sorry, I’m a poor student).

    My email:

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