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  • WTD cheap forks for the missus's ride
  • Premier Icon manmurray

    Thinking Recons or similar – £80 or thereabouts. 100mm max, usable (ie not knackered/in need of major service). Replacing some truly horrible RSTs so anything would be an improvement to be fair. Steerer can be fairly short (it’s an XS frame).

    What you got? 🙂



    Rockshox tora’s. £55 delivered if they are any good to you. Not leaking oil, all dials do what they should, lockout works. Very good condition, little use to be honest. Light marks to paint in a few places (see pics) but hardly anything. Sliders are mint, no chips or dings anywhere. Disc only though (no v bosses). 180mm steerer (which has put a few people off I think)

    Premier Icon mboy

    Got some 2002 Marzocchi MXC’s kicking about in reasonable condition. They’ve got a few marks on them, but they’re in remarkably good condition for a 10 year old fork. And they’re from the period when Marzocchi made reliable, easy to service forks, that just worked! Oh, and they’re 100mm travel with disc and V brake mounts and about 200mm of steerer.

    The Rookie

    100mm Bombers, twin air, alloy stanchions, steerer 1 1/8th and over 200mm, £80 delivered, hardly used, very few marks, Disc mount.

    email addy in profile

    Premier Icon bearnecessities

    Pace RC36 Evo 3 (I think!). Came off a Sanra Cruz; work fine, no stickers on them, look good (no marks to stanchions etc) but there is a bolt missing and a bit of the clamp where the bolt used on the rear arch. Looks like it’s probably taken a bit of a hit on the bolt at some time in it’s life as there’s no impact marks around it).

    Hard to explain, will send pics if interested – prefectly fine to use (although I’m not qualified to say that!).

    V & Disc mounts.

    £60 posted, of £50 collected from Leeds area.

    Cheers, Rich

    Premier Icon manmurray

    Cheers all – sorted now ta 🙂

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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