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  • thepodge

    Hi, I’m just putting my 94 Kona back together for a city / hack bike.

    I need new front & back wheels plus some brakes so…

    Don’t suppose anyone has any lying around they don’t want do they?

    Front wheel needs to be straight & V brake compatible as I only run front brakes.

    Rear wheel needs to be 7spd compatible (I’m running thumb shifters) but I’ll probably get a new cassette fitted regardless. It can have a bit of a wobble on it, that’s not an issue.

    V brake arms only, though if anyone has a lever too that’s an added bonus.

    I’m not bothered for anything fancy, in fact the more basic the better as this is going to be left locked to railings in the rain while I’m in town. I was going to just buy the cheapest stuff in the shop but figured I’d give you guys a chance to clear out you spares box first.

    Oh and I’m in Sheffield (Hillsborough) so if you are in the area that would be handy but I don’t mind springing some extra for postage too.




    hi there i have a very streight and true front v wheel 26″ £20+pp and pair of v brake arms ill throw in with the wheel

    cheers tom


    oh yeh and im in oxenhope west yorks if your ever over this way?



    ok, got lots to help you here! and I dont need much for it 🙂
    email in profile and I’ll list you the goodies..


    I’ve got a front wheel: Shimano LX on Mavic D521 rim – 36 spokes, nice and true, bearings are rough though so will need regreasing/replacing. Bought it off here a couple of weeks ago and would like to get back what i paid – £10.

    Also got cheap v brake levers – £3.


    Got some avid front and rear vees too.

    I’m in Crookes in Sheffield.


    cheers for the help, i think Finbar is the winner here just because my GF lives in Crosspool so I probably pass your house almost daily.

    now how do I contact you? this board doesn’t seem to have a pm function. could you mail me on podge1000 at hotmail dot com and I’ll drop you my number.

    trebord I just mailed you about a back wheel

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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