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    looking for a balance bike please.



    Ton, Decathlon in Sheffield have these for £30.

    Out of interest, is there a Kona Honza waiting for you at Je James?

    Ive bought several balance bikes for the kids at work. Found the wooden ones dont always last too long – usually split around the steerer. S last one I got – steel from amazon :

    Seems to be standing up to lots of use fom 25 kids !


    Premier Icon ton

    munrobiker, i asked them if they would get one in for me to test ride, but i am not well enough to ride at present.

    cheers steve…………sorted now.
    by the way, you fancy a pint on 18th december. xmas do at the pub in farnley tyas.
    more than welcome mate.


    Ah right, I work there now (it’s LukeB by the way) and thought it was you when I saw it and then the name. It just looks like your bike!

    I’ll get it put aside for you.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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