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  • I’m after a not too pricey 14″ or 15″ ish frame to make a singlespeed for my girlfriend for winter. Not after spending a fortune, but something nice-ish would be… erm… nice!

    Top tube length is key really something not much longer than 21.5″ or 55cm ideally.

    Disck compatible please, but horziontal droputs are fine as I have got myself a singleator already.

    29er or 26″ both fine.



    15 inch Brand X dirt jump frame any good? (this one). It was matt black, but i ended up stripping the paint off and hand polishing it.

    Thanks for the offer Jay but I was after a “proper” trail bike not a converted jump bike. On a men’s jump bike there’ll tend to be a slacker had angle and a longer top tube, plus it will be brutally stiff for normal riding!


    Got a 2007 15.5 inch Cove Stiffee in matt silver. Excellent condition, very little use. £240

    Cheers samtheman, I got very excited when I saw your frame, but it’s quite long in the top tube for a 15.5″ frame, it seems more of a 17″ frame with a short seat tube for big standover to chuck it about. it will be to long for the recipient


    Thanks for replying though

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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