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  • WTB Volt saddle review: safe bet for biking bums
  • Ben_Haworth
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    The WTB Volt saddle is not a new saddle. New aesthetics aside, the shape and construction remain unchanged. Thank heavens for that!

    By ben_haworth

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    WTB Volt saddle review: safe bet for biking bums

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    Have you ever compared the Volt to the Rocket? My Rockets on both MTB are dying, the oldest one is 14yrs old

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    At first I thought this was a bit of a strange review because I needed to replace my WTB Rocket last year and could not find any UK stockists but there are a few now which is great news.
    I have been using WTB saddles for as long as I can remember and they are just right for my backside. I have tried other makes but can never get along with them.

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    I always got on with my Volt but the colour stripe on it didn’t go with a new bike so swapped it for an Ergon Enduro. I immediately liked the Ergon for the bit extra thigh clearance it gave when peddaling seated but it does chafe a bit after many hours in the saddle. Never had the same chafing with the volt so I’m thinking I might switch back.

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    I had a rocket saddle in the past and liked it. Tried a volt and thought it could do with a bit more padding to be honest. Maybe I got the wrong version. Currently favouring a charge spoon. Seems a very similar style.
    I wouldn’t call £70 rrp or £50+ on eBay a good price though. My spoon was £29 from merlin recently.

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    I’ve literally bought an XL volt in the past as that’s all I could find and it was ridiculous 🤣 , I love them though and now have a M one which is much more suitable now it’s not whacking me on every drop!

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    I have a Volt that came as stock on my Ibis Ripmo. Not felt a need to change it for my default option of a Madison Flux, so it must be alright.

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    My bum has been raised and moulded on WTB rockets and always thought they lasted well. However the new volts appear to use a cheaper covering that doesn’t last as well.

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